#Arts & Entertainment
Tower Hamlets Council
United Kingdom

On Thursday 30th July, the Tower Hamlets council were called to Cafe 1001 for a noise complaint and subsequently did a sound check on Brick Lane to see if the noise levels were too high. Unluckily for Cafe1001, there happened to be a huge photography show (Rankin) opening upstairs as well as a random live band playing on the street.

Unfortunately, the Local Council assumed ALL noise was caused by the Cafe and imposed a ban for a minimum of 28 days during August, with a likelihood of keeping our backroom closed for as long as possible. Please do not let this become a reality!

We implore you to support us and sign this petition or the physical petition, found in the cafe itself. DO NOT let the council rob you of your local creative hub!

We believe that Cafe 1001 constitutes an important creative platform where young artists and the local audience meet, develop and inspire new ideas.

We, the undersigned, call on the Local Council not to impose such a ban and take away such an important creative hub from the local community.

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