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Nick Licata, Seattle City Council President

There have been serious, legitimate concerns raised in regards to the Seattle Police Department's handling of the Kurt Cobain death scene investigation in April of 1994.

These include claims and implications of the withholding of vital information and behind the scenes cover-ups.

The events surrounding the death of Kurt Cobain are filled with lies, contradictions in logic, and countless inconsistencies. Yet, the Department to this day:

(1.) Has continued to staunchly refuse to acknowledge its numerous errors and downright negligence in managing the case; and

(2.) Adamantly denies the need for reopening, or intention to reopen, the investigation.

There are legitimate, documented reasons to believe that his death was not the
result of suicide, but in fact homicide.

These include:

1. No legible fingerprints found on the gun that was laying on Kurt’s body at the time of his death.

2. Triple the lethal dose of heroin found in his blood at the time of death. Medical experts have confirmed that this amount of heroin would have completely incapacitated Mr. Cobain, a recovered addict at the time of his death, to the point of being incapable of removing a needle from his arm, let alone pick up a shotgun.

3. When found, the shotgun was laying across Mr. Cobain’s chest with the ejection port of the gun to the right of his body. The spent shell casing was found on the left side of his body. With nothing around for the casing to ricochet off, it is illogical for the casing to have been on the left side of the body.

Other important points to consider include the following:

1. The last four lines of Kurt’s “suicide note” were written in someone else’s handwriting, and that ink was newer than the body of the note, say professional handwriting experts, who have examined the letter.

2. Courtney Love-Cobain, by her own admission, planted phony media stories and made false missing persons’ and police reports during the few weeks before and around the time of her husband’s death. For example, she called the police to their residence, claiming that Kurt was suicidal, and had locked himself in a room with a gun, when in fact, there was no gun.

3. Kurt, at the time of his death, was trying to get away from his wife, Courtney Love. Just before Kurt was found dead, he asked Rosemary Carroll, his lawyer, to draw up divorce papers and to amend his will, effectively excluding Courtney. Additionally, he wanted custody of their daughter, Frances Bean Cobain.

4. Ms. Cobain was, apparently, a “close acquaintance” of Medical Examiner Nikolas Hartshorne, who investigated Mr. Cobain’s death.

5. Eldon Hoke, singer of a band called the mentors, claimed he was offered $50,000 by Courtney to kill Kurt in September 1993. On March 6, 1996, Hoke was administered a polygraph test by Dr. Edward Gelb, who is one of the country’s leading polygraph experts and teaches the advanced polygraph course for the FBI. Hoke passed the lie detector test with 99.7% certainty that he was telling the truth. Soon after, Hoke was found dead on a railroad track.

6. Kristin Pfaff, bass guitar player for Courtney Love’s band, was trying to get away from Courtney, just like Kurt. Called "a beautiful soul" by Mr. Cobain, Courtney once apparently complained that Pfaff "constantly makes eyes at my husband". She was found dead of an "accidental overdose" approximately 72 days after Kurt's death.

7. To this day, apparently Ms. Love continues to dodge and evade the subject, even going so far as intimidating and threatening “accusers” with legal action. There have even been
reports that friends and acquaintances have been forced to sign contracts that prohibit them to even speak about the case to the media!

8. When it became known that Kurt was “missing”, Courtney, who was staying in a hotel in Los Angeles, called and told different media sources that she had been hospitalized and arrested for drug possession. The dates of these false accounts coincide with the date Kurt was thought to have died. It would seem that she was trying to establish an alibi to put her farthest from the crime scene, protecting her from being implicated in her husband’s death.

These are just a few of the many compelling, troubling and disconcerting reasons why this case deserves to be re-opened and investigated.

Kurt Cobain was an icon for the 90’s generation. His death shook the lives of many people. This shameful miscarriage of justice has led to 60+ “copy-cat” suicides and untold grief on the part of friends, family members, and millions of fans.

As concerned fans, we hope and expect that this case will now promptly be given the investigation it properly deserves.


“Love and Death: The Murder of Kurt Cobain” by Wallace and Halperin

We, the undersigned, call on Nick Licata, Seattle City Council President, and the Seattle City Council to do the following:

1. To use your personal influence and authority to assist in bringing this case to justice, without further, undue delay.

2. To ensure a fair, exhaustive and thorough investigation in light of all available evidence; and

3. To make the results of the investigation public.

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