NHS Mental Health Trust and Social Services
United Kingdom

Imran Rashid, a 28 year old British-born Muslim from Middlesbrough has been unlawfully captured and incarcerated in a mental hospital without any reason or warning. The hospital has shown no interest in Imran’s welfare and safety and are holding him against his wish, in order to punish him in pursuit of their vendetta against him.

They show little empathy, overrule and dismiss his feelings. Imran’s life is in danger and the power to help rescue and save him is in your hands, so please help by signing this petition.

The hospital medical team are of no comfort or assistance, Imran has no trust in anyone of them and is requesting immediate removal to some where neutral and safe, both Imran and the family feel those responsible for his care and treatment are bias and discriminatory and could be danger to Imran’s life by provoking him into committing suicide. His human rights are not valued and the family has been offered little or no support. The hospital atmosphere is unwelcoming as staff give the impression they are superior, authoritarian and powerful. The family is very concerned about the threats made by the hospital that “Imran will never be released”.

This case is well known by all agencies and black professionals, who instead of helping, are simply passing it on to other agencies, wrongly assuming that it does not concern them or their professional remits. The family feel helpless and powerless in the face of institutional conspiracy and bias by the NHS Mental Health Trust which has little or no knowledge and understanding of mental health needs of Ethnic Minority and Muslim patients. Even the government is aware of the failure and inadequate treatment and service provisions for BME Communities in England (04 October 2006 Black & Minority Mental Health report).

Please Help! Can you imagine what you would feel and do if your loved one was locked-up in a mental institution, without any reason, or any independent support & representation – What would you do if your plea for help fell on deaf ears whilst the world just stood by watching your pain & suffering? Parents & friends of Imran Rashid have launched a campaign for “JUSTICE FOR IMRAN” and are humbly requesting your help and support.

We, the undersigned, call on NHS Mental Health & social services to allow an independent review and assessment of Imran's health condition and Imran be released to his parents immediately or transferred to another hospital.

We also wish to see an independent investigation and enquiry conducted into the hospital's level of care and staff behaviour, in order to ensure lessons are learnt to improve the quality of care in future.

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