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Stillness Juniors was once a sought after school where parents would move into the catchment area so that their children could attend.

This school used to have a waiting list as classes were too full. So why in the last 4 years have parents been removing their children and placing them into other local schools or more drastically, moving out of the area all together?

Almost all the classes are now not fully subscribed. The amount of Teachers that have come and subsequently left the Juniors in the last 4 years is unprecedented. This in turn is affecting the superbly run infants & nursery school. If like me and many others you are unhappy with the way the Juniors is being run and feel that Stillness Junior School is desperately in need of a change of management then please sign this petition.

Let's again make Stillness Juniors a school we want to send our kids to. When we have enough signatures a copy will be sent to Ofsted, Lewisham Education Authority, the Mayor, our Local MPs, and the board of Governors. This petition in no way reflects against the hard working teachers in the juniors.

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Please visit our blog using the link above or copy and paste this address-http://stillness-petition.sampasite.com/ alternatively you can contact me using the contact author button below.

We, the undersigned, request that action is taken to ensure that Stillness Junior's current poor management is dealt with so that parents no longer feel that they have to remove their children in order for them to be happy in their schooling (due to the bad feeling being instilled by the current head) and also that teachers in the juniors are treated with the respect they deserve so they no longer feel the need to leave in such numbers.

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