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It would be AMAZING,AWESOME,FANTASTIC if the Jonas Brothers 3D movie was playing at one of the BIGGEST movie screens in the WORLD, right?

RIGHT!....... so i need your help to get this to the IMAX theater it's self, so it WILL show!

We have to wait all the long time till MAY! so why not get the BEST out of it?! and have one of the most awesome experience's of your life

PLEEEASE, tell all of you Jonas Brothers fanned friends to sign, we need ALL the help we can get, to get them to play it!

I'm making this petition to have the chance to have the Jonas brothers 3D movie play at the official IMAX theater in Sydney, but I'm going to need your help, if i could get you to post some bulletins and stuff with THIS web link, for Sydney fans to sign it, and even sign it yourself, they said they have a tight schedule so we need ALOT of signs! so please, if you could spread word
thank you sooo much


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