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1. We need Lin-Manuel Miranda on a Latin American Tour

We want to meet to the amazing Lin-Manuel Miranda, the genius behind the musicals Hamilton and In The Heights... but how Broadway is far away.

Why not ask for a Latin American tour?

2. Creating a Lasting Tribute to Oscar Hammerstein

Grandson Will Hammerstein wants to preserve Oscar Hammerstein's home in Bucks County to become a living arts center.

Article and link to Academy Awards tribute to Hammerstein's work

3. Build a Performing Arts Center at Stetson University

Stetson University has a nationally recognized music program that sends its students to some of the most prestigious graduate music programs in the country.

We have distinguished international faculty, and world-class orchestras, symphonic bands, and choirs. But, we have no real performance space. The renovated Chapel that we currently use is a beautiful space, but it is far too small for most of our ensembles. The orchestra is forced to use stage extensions, which cut audience capacity by more than 100 seats, and operas are often performed off-site at the local high school.

Furthermore, since the closing of Stover Theater, the theater department has been forced to move off-site as well, to the Museum of Florida Art. These off-site options are costing the University money, both in rental costs, and in loss of prospective students that might choose to attend music or theater programs with a large performance space. Also, the University has no large auditorium to use for school-wide presentations and orientation activities.

A performing arts center would give the entire University a place to offer lectures and presentations that is large enough to accommodate most of the student body, and that is equipped with the technology that our guest lecturers are accustomed to at other universities. All of Stetson's performers - be they musicians or thespians, public speakers or presenters, students or faculty - deserve a space to call their own, that is worthy of their talent and that can fully support their artistic and academic endeavors.

Most importantly, a performing arts center would be a much needed addition to the Stetson and Deland communities as a whole. Having a space large enough for distinguished lecture series and large university gatherings, such as convocation or graduation, would so greatly amplify our sense of community. A performing arts center would give all of our students, faculty, staff, and guests a place to commune in celebration of our wonderful university.

4. Close Down Century 16 For Good

About 20 minutes into the midnight screening of "The Dark Knight Rises" at Aurora's Century 16 theater on July 20, a gunman, James Holmes, entered through an emergency exit and opened fire on unsuspecting movie goers -- the shooting left 12 dead and 58 injured.

5. Bring Pokemon Films Back to UK Cinemas!

Pokémon has recently become the second most successful and lucrative video game-based media franchise in the world, a massive part of the franchise being the anime, the movies.

Unfortunately for no known reason Pokemon hasn't appeared in UK cinemas for possibly 10 years now, this is disappointing when there is still such a strong fan base here in the UK and hopefully with the help of the rest of you we can get pokemon back to are big screens!


6. Petición de apoyo a las artes en Miami



7. We Support a Theatre for Persons with Disabilities

In the Richmond, VA area, there are many and varied theater troupes which thrive and give back to their community. However, persons with disabilities have few facilities in which they might express themselves artistically, those with physical disabilities especially.

It is our intent to create just such a troupe in the Richmond, VA area. Working in cooperation with local advocacy groups, we intend to acquire a facility, modify it to accommodate all persons, allowing people both with and without disabilities to produce entertaining and brilliant productions.

8. Let the One-Act-Play team preform for the school!

Our One-Act-Play team worked for a month preparing to represent our school in the One-Act-Play Festival and we won superior. Now we want Mr. Keever to let us preform it for our classmates.

9. No Sales Tax on Concert and Theatre Tickets

On September 22nd the associated press published an article outlining the proposed final budget plan for the state of Pennsylvania. This proposed budget among other things calls for the addition of a 6% sales tax to concert and theater tickets.

From The PA Budget Website

"$100 million from lifting the sales tax exemption on admissions costs for theater, dance, concerts and performing arts, as well as museums, historical sites, zoos and parks."

There is a specific singling out of the performance arts in this proposal. Sporting events and other forms of entertainment are not slated to receive any additional taxation in the budget proposal.

This proposal has been confirmed with the Governor's office of public liaison. As of Sept 23rd 2009 the proposal is slated to be on the Governor's desk in to weeks time in bill form for signing.

In an already crippled live performance industry and an era of limited household incomes it is important to act quickly to keep entertainment outlets affordable.

10. Bring Back 13 The Musical !

13 The Musical ! is a inspiring musical about what it meant to turn 13 and the struggles that we all go and went through. It is a musical that everyone no matter how old you are can relate to.

It is family friendly, and a great show. It only lasted two years & was wrongfully shut down, I don't know why it closed, but the reviews it received clearly show that this musical is one of a kind.

To learn more about this show, you can search on iTunes, or google search the musical.

11. Jonas Brothers 3D Movie in Imax Theater in Sydney Australia

It would be AMAZING,AWESOME,FANTASTIC if the Jonas Brothers 3D movie was playing at one of the BIGGEST movie screens in the WORLD, right?

RIGHT!....... so i need your help to get this to the IMAX theater it's self, so it WILL show!

We have to wait all the long time till MAY! so why not get the BEST out of it?! and have one of the most awesome experience's of your life

PLEEEASE, tell all of you Jonas Brothers fanned friends to sign, we need ALL the help we can get, to get them to play it!

12. Bring back Oakland's Parkway Speakeasy Theater!

Since its start back in 1997, the Parkway Speakeasy Theater has become an anchor for both residents and small business in the Lake Merritt and Eastlake communities, as well as a source of pride for Oakland and the greater Bay Area.

Residents frequently say “I live near the Parkway.”

Businesses in the area often use the theater as a reference point as well. In fact, some businesses may not have initially given this district a chance without the Parkway as the mainstay.

It is a rare and special thing when a small business is central to the hearts and minds of both residents and businesses alike.

For the last decade, the Parkway Speakeasy Theater has been a deserving focal point for the good things happening in this part of Oakland.

With the departure of this vital business, the community has lost one of its biggest advocates. It is sad to imagine what long term impact this will have on the desirability of the residential neighborhoods (property values) and the retention/attraction of small business (economic viability) in the surrounding area.

This is why action is needed, and required, on behalf of the Lake Merritt and Eastlake communities, and Oakland/Alameda at large. If you have not already signed the petition in person outside of the Parkway Theater, please help support this cause. Help bring back the Parkway Theatre!

13. Weiterführung des Kuratorenmodells Theater, Tanz und Performance

Weiterführung des Kuratorenmodells Theater, Tanz und Performance

14. Save the Metro Theatre!

San Francisco's historic Metro Theatre opened as the Metropolitan in 1924.

It was designed by prominent local architects the Reid Bros (Fairmont Hotel) and was the original home of the San Francisco International Film Festival - America's oldest international film festival.

15. Berlin Performing Arts Center Initiative

The purpose of the Berlin Performing Arts Center Initiative is to bring a much needed venue for cultural events to the people of the Northern Worcester County.

The Initiative seeks to positively impact the quality of life on the whole of the Delmarva Peninsula by providing a place to present a broad spectrum of exciting and vibrant national and regional performance art events while offering a home for local musical, theatrical, cultural, and educational groups.

16. Dream Theater Australia 2008, Venue change for Perth

Dream Theater are performing an Australian tour early next year (2008), with the following dates:

25th Perth Showgrounds
27th Adelaide Showgrounds
29th Melbourne Festival Hall
30th Sydney The Horden
1st Brisbane Riverstage

They start the tour in Perth, on the 25th at Claremont Showgrounds. It is feared that the show is intended to be held at the Showground's Robinson Pavilion.

It is a general consensus of the metal community, among many other fans of the band, as well as fans of other genres who have seen other acts/bands there, that the venue "Robinson Pavilion" is unsuitable for Dream Theater's performance, mostly on the basis of the sound quality of the venue, compared to the nature of the bands on-stage act.

It is believed that such a venue would taint the quality of the performance to the ears of those who would attend, hence it is proposed that the Perth date for the Dream Theater tour, be moved to another venue. Possible suggestions include: Challenge Stadium, Burswood Dome, Metro City.

If you agree that that Dream Theater should be at a different, more suitable venue, please place your signature on the petition.

17. Kent Island Community Theater

May 8, 2006

Our goal is to obtain a Community Theater for the Kent Island Players and the citizens of Queen Anne Co. To be able to be entertained, as well as be able to help create live productions on Stage.

There would be workshops for both adults and children to learn and perfect their skills in play writing,
set design,acting etc.. We would also be able to utlize the theater for fund raiser and charitable events.

18. bring back mystery science theater 3000

Mystery science theater is the best show ever made ...period go watch one and find out ... it needs to come back and now!

19. Help Get Dream Theater To Brazil

December 27, 2005

This petition is now closed. Thanks to all who signed.


June 9, 2002

If you would like to help our cause, you can do so in a number of ways. First and foremost, you can sign the online petition. It is a simple form that takes your name, email address and some other optional details and allows you to register your interest in seeing a Dream Theater concert in Brazil. We do need your help! Take a minute and go sign the petition!

20. Support Dream Theater in Brazil

If you would like to help our cause, and we do need your help, you can do so in a number of ways. First and foremost, you can sign the online petition. It is a simple form that takes your name, email address and some other optional details and allows you to register your interest in seeing a Dream Theater concert in Brazil.

21. MST3K: The Movie DVD deserves wide release at a reasonable price

Currently the extremely rare DVD for "Mystery Science Theater 3000: The Movie" is not only no longer being produced, but currently costs $129.95 US and contains no extras. This cult classic deserves a wide release and at least the trailer in the dvd, at a reasonable price.

22. Anime Movies in movie theater's across america and canada

oh just sighn this petition.

Sighn this petition if you want anime movies to be in the movie theater's across america and canada.