MTD Consumter Products
United States of America

January 27, 2006

To detemine cause of employee health problems at Modern Line Products.

The mortality rate for former employees is very high in comparison to other manufacturers in the Mississippi delta.

Modern Line Products used Asbestos, Silicosis, Manganese, Lead Paint, Paint removers, Asbestos & Mesothelioma, Tooling bits known to cause cancer and Oils that cause cancer.

All the abovementioned items are in the courts all over the country. What we are asking is that an investigation be done in a speedy and efficient manner to determining what health effects these chemicals and other hazardous materials had on the
Janaury 27, 2006

Employees and what the effect would have on their offspring in the future.

We also concern about how Modern Line Products disposed chemical and other hazardous materials.

This Petition applies to those who have lost a family member who once was employed by Modern Line Products.

We, the undersigned former employees of Modern Line Products, are asking for a complete investigation as to the hazardous effects of the chemicals and other products used in the production of its products in Indianola, Mississippi.

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