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The United Nations General Secretariat

Many important issues on the international development and human rights agenda have an observance day. For example, 10 December is Human Rights Day, while 20th of June is Refugee Day. It is time for identity to have a day of observance.

International days of observance are an effective and practical way to raise awareness and generate momentum around an issue. According to the UN "United Nations observances contribute to the achievement of the purposes of the UN Charter and promote awareness of and action on important political, social, cultural, humanitarian or human rights issues. They provide a useful means for the promotion of international and national action and stimulate interest in United Nations activities and programmes."

As the initiating organization, ID4Africa (www.id4africa.com) calls upon all identity stakeholders around the world to join it, by signing a petition, that will be submitted to the United Nations General Secretariat, pursuant to UN protocol for declaration of observance days. The petition calls for the recognition of September 16 as International Identity Day iID.

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