Glamorgan Primary School Board of Trustees
New Zealand

The Glamorgan Board of Trustees has stated :

- that it is not an option for them to replace the current sports uniforms due to the cost;

- that from 2013 all students who represent the school in a sports team will need to purchase their own uniform.

The cost of these uniforms indicated by the Board of Trustees in the quarterly newsletter on November 2012 will range from $85 - $95, but these costs are indicative and have not been confirmed.

We believe that there are alternative ways to fund a 'set' of school uniforms. For example, fundraising, applying for grants, sponsorships etc. There are parents who are willing to assist in these processes.
Parents would also be willing to pay a 'rental' fee for uniforms which would recoup the cost of the uniforms over a few years.

Many families in Torbay are struggling financially. Currently registering for sports teams is a large expense especially when there is more than one child attending the school. Netball in particular has raised the cost of registering significantly. This could ultimately determine whether or not a child would sign up for a sport.

We, the undersigned, ask respectfully that the Glamorgan Board of Trustees reconsider its decision to pass on the cost of replacing the sports uniform ($84-$95 per child) to the parents and look further into alternative ways of funding a set of new sports uniforms.

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