The White House
United States of America

We Christians need to stop the removing of GOD from our country. It is pretty simple. We outnumber them. We are in the billions. The majority rules and we are the majority.

We need to fight for GOD. This country was created with GOD. We have In GOD we TRUST on our money, we sing the national anthem at our games, we have GOD in our schools and that is the way it needs to stay. The way it has been since the beginning.

We are meek usually, now its time to fight for GOD. Jesus has already been crucified. Let's not let it happen again.

Stand up for GOD, the same way Jesus died for our salvation. We need to keep GOD in this country. The people who came from other lands, well they already knew we were chrisitans. That is our history. So they can live with it. They still have their freedom to worship the way they wish and we dont bother them. And the atheists. Same thing. They can just be mature and just stop whining and pacify us.

We are entitled to our history and to say the pledge in schools, and have IN GOD WE TRUST on our money, and sing our national anthem. Now its always been the majority rules and we win. So let's start showing these people if they dont like our heritage, then leave.

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