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Changing The City Bus Services

My main focus started with Transit Buses in the outskirts of down town Sudbury, As I looked more into the issues there's things wrong with every part of the city.

In 1999 Sudbury, Became the GREATER CITY OF SUDBURY.

So you would think if we are The GREATER CITY OF SUDBURY all town's would be treated the same. Nope! ALL out skirt town buses run on different times then down town Sudbury buses, why is that if were all one city now?

IN spring 2008 the City decided to make one later bus for the outskirts to 12:30. All regular buses stayed the same.


What about the people who work early in the morning? sometimes their late because of traffic or of the roads, maybe we should have earlier buses to.

All of ONTARIO, Sudbury is the only one to have the new transit system...WHY, why didn't they take the money they used from the tax payers to improve the system, with more frequent, and longer bus times, lasting though out the day, (morning to night) and providing a larger range of services, example (whitefish, dowling), Including Sundays and holidays.

Did you know must stores/ restaurants are still open on SUNDAYS/ Holidays..... How are they sappose to get to work....

With the new system, the transfers don't give us much time, when were traveling on the out skirt buses, especially from Caperol, by the time you get to Val Caron, your transfer is expired, and then the drivers give you a hassle and YOU shouldn't have to pay more money, YOUR transfer should be good like everyone else's.

Sudbury is also one of the cities in Ontario to shut their Transit early. North Bay is smaller than us and their buses all run till 2:00am.

People need to work, they have personal lives to be meet with, to live a "normal" life.... what if they work 'til 11:00 and have no way home because some of the outskirt buses stop at 9:00 and so on. Is the city excepting people not to work?

Maybe this would help people get off Welfare, if there was more options or services.

Maybe there could be less accidents?

There are many elderly people who retire in the outskirts, but have no way to get around, and on pension, the can't afford to take a taxi everywhere.

Also Most buses are extremely packed....there's an overage on the college students, there's not enough places for them to live.... YOU think there's enough seats too? there's like what 30 seats on a bus, plus standing? and then people getting hurt because the driver slams on the breaks, and puff the people go flying.

So I ask you THIS?


1. We need more services.

2. We need to improve The Sunday Schedule and holidays.

3. Later and Earlier times THROUGH OUT all buses.

4. Better Transfer tickets.

5. More areas having services providing to them.

So I'm asking you this NOW are you really ready to make a change?

Please sign the petition its not ONLY for me, its for everyone, to have Better service that YOU deserve.

Sign your name and email address, LET'S make a difference.

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