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1. Sack CEO Ed Woodward

The worst transfer window in Manchester United's history came to an end with only Maroune Fellaini joining the champions from Everton in a deal of around 27.5 million pounds.

In the most importamt summer for the Red Devils in past 26 years, without Sir Alex Ferguson - United should have made the statement to the footballing world by signing a marquee player to prove that there will be business as usual even without the great man in charge.

But what we saw in the last couple of months was an embarassing window and humiliation as day by day United kept losing their top transfer targets. From Cesc Fabregas to Ander Hererra, from Cristiano Ronaldo to Garaeth Bale, United were left red-faced. David Moyes had the funds and ambition to bolster his squad, but the word within the football industry was that United's new so-called CEO Ed Woodward was learning the hard way that buying players was a different ball game to selling shirt space and sponsorship deals to companies.

Let's start with the Fellaini deal. A month ago Fellaini had a 23-million-pound release clause which could have been easily met. But at that time United were interested in Fabregas, who was never interested in moving from his childhoold club Barcelona, but it did not stop Woodward from making three ridiculous below-par deals for a classy midfielder. Fast forward to August 31, if we did not think Fellaini was worth 23 million pounds in early August, why is he suddenly worth 4.5 million pounds more a month later? Absolutely shocking!

Despite the club's reputation at stake and having funds available to get big players, Woodward was clueless throughout the summer. The first target was Barcelona's Thiago Alcantara who ended up signing for Bayern Munich for 22 million pounds. Thiago was almost certain to join the club but Woodword could not close the deal and the player opted for Bayern Munich instead of United. Then it was the embarassing chase of Fabregas. Without even talking to his agent and player himself, United continued to bid for him and the saga only stopped when Fabregas himself told that he is not interested in leaving Barcelona. This chase was unlike United of the past. Under Ferguson and then CEO David Gill, United always had talks with the player and his agent and only then they took forward the case. Another disaster!

Then comes the biggest shock of all. According to reports, Mesut Ozil was offered to United but Red Devils rejected it, and Arsenal were able to complete the signing. Read that again. United rejected the chance to sign Ozil - the player that would have made United favourite for the title without a shadow of doubt. But what beats all is the Anders Herrera story.

Ander Herrera had a buyout clause of 30.5 million pounds, and with the transfer window to end within a few hours, everyone would have expected that the club wil pay the clause and deal will be sealed before 2300 BST. But no, United did not feel that the player was this expensive. Well, if you don't think you can pay the buyout clause, then why bid and waste time. Everyone knows Athletic Bilbao will never take a penny less than what is quoted but somehow United thought they can pull this off, but at the end of the day, they even reportedly sent their representatives to La Liga headqarters to get the deal done but were not prepared to pay the full asking price. United were the one who were left embarassed, once again.

United's approach to this transfer window showed Woodward's arrogance and also proved that he is not the right man for the job. At the time when Real Madrid have brought Bale for 100 million euros and the likes of Edison Cavani, Gonzalo Higuain and Ozil have made big-money moves, United should think about changing their transfer policy if they want to compete for trophies or they can see their downfall like Arsenal or Liverpool in the past decade or two. They have to sack Woodward from the position of CEO and it should be Sir Alex who should be made in charge of handling the transfers at United.

2. Stop the Illegal Transfer of Music in Liberia

Whereas the illegal transfer of Music has taken over Liberia;

Whereas the Copy Right Law of Liberia has become toothless;

Whereas Musicians have been denied their rights to use their talents to survive;

Whereas Liberia is losing too much money from the music and entertainment industry;

Whereas even the law enforcers have become a part of the copyright violation in Liberia; and in as much as the musicians in Bong County have tried to appeal to those transferring their music to desist but failed;

We have therefore decided to ask the government of Liberia to:

3. Stop the 2013 Assault Weapons Ban, and any other ban on firearm ownership

Firearm Ownership is not only a right guaranteed by the second Ammendment, but also a god given right to be able to defend ourselves.

Diane Feinstein has proposed a bill that would not only limit our ability to purchase firearms, but also limit our ability to defend ourselves, our families, and our way of life. She has used the tragedy in Connecticut to her own political advantage, which is not only distasteful, but also a disgusting misuse of power.

Connecticut already has a firearms ban, did that stop the shooter? No, so why would a nationwide ban on weapons be any different. The real problem here is evil, not firearms, and we need to be able to defend ourselves against it. In China, 22 children were killed by a knife wielding madman at an elementary school on or about the same day.

China has not proposed a ban on Knives, because its not the tools that cause these incidents, it is people, with evil intent in their hearts. Schools are supposedly safe "Gun Free" zones, did that law stop this man from going into a school and murdering innocent people? No, because criminals and evil know no laws, follow no rules, and these so called "Gun Free" zones are part of the problem, we protect our President with armed security, our money, our borders, our homes and streets with armed police, but we fail to protect our most precious asset our children?

4. Defend Council Housing in Bolton Say No to the Stock Transfer

Bolton Defend Council Housing
Say No to Stock Transfer

Council housing is worth defending against privatisation. There is concern that tenants are not being given full information on the case against transfer. The alternative of direct investment should be given and the risks of privatisation highlighted.

These risks include loss of secure tenancies, higher rents and charges, loss of accountability, and problems of debt and borrowing. These risks also include financial crises, job losses, pay cuts, mergers and takeovers.

5. Regulate Homeowners Associations

Homeowner Associations are currently not regulated but have Restrictions that protect them.

With the current market we are seeing a large amount of HOA fraud, fee gouging, misrepresentation, misdisclosure and raising and charging fees that are astronomical and in other businesses would be viewed as extortion.

It has been seen that HOA's are charging fees to some owners and not to others for the same offense, they are charging sellers fees, buyers fees and assessing amounts against properties not in compliance with the CC&R's or state statutues. Owners, buyers and sellers have little recourse other than litigation which is time intensive and costly. Also, if an HOA is in litigation lender requirements will not allow loan approval which ultimately ties up the entire HOA from seller properties.

In all the cases, the HOA has the advantage and ultimately they have all of the control. The management companies are assisting in the non compliance on behalf of the HOA's and act in any manner that is to their benefit.

6. Stop forward motion on transfer station

Proper discussion has not been initiated with the town board, town residents, and BOCC, Road & bridge and county manager and forward motion has begun.

The economic feasibility of this HSS site is not fully researched as the BOCC does not know where the trash will be hauled. Depending on this answer, other sites (specifically Kremmling landfill and Fraser Road and Bridge shop could be more feasible).

There are no regulations in place to insure the community's safety. There are no regulations in place should any regulations be violated with the potential for hazardous health and environmental impacts.

We have been unfairly isolated from the planning process with the above departments. The people of this county should have been involved in this important decision effecting all of our lives.

There are documented examples of other communities transfer stations who do not adhere to maintenance of the facility.

Increased carbon footprint due to truck traffic mileage when traveling large distances to and from Hot Sulphur Springs.

This proposal is in direct conflict with the Grand County Master Plan with the Town of Hot Sulphur Springs on issues of preserving agricultural and ranching views on the east end of the town, and joint development with the county within a three mile area of the town.

There will potentially be a negative impact to the water quality due to the close proximity of the waste transfer station to the Colorado River and the source for the Hot Sulphur Springs municipal water plant.

Negative impact on National Scenic Byway, one of few in the state and country

Negative impact to our community is documented in other communities fights against transfer station. They include, visual, odor, noise, traffic, and ground water issues as listed below:

Truck traffic including leachate and trash escaping from trucks, heavy truck traffic, road infrastructure and damage, and increased noise

Noise pollution with large trucks, the trucks dropping loads that may still be encased in steel dumpsters onto concrete tipping floors which can cause adverse vibration in nearby structures.

Odors escaping from open facility doors and unclean trucks

Falling property values and disease spreading due to external vectors such as bugs, birds, mice, and other vermin

Cumulative impacts on public health and quality of life from noxious odors, water quality contamination, increased external vectors, dust, and truck exhaust

Increased fire hazard involved in storage and transfer of materials

Litter and the resulting reduction of property values from improperly sealed trucks, improperly stored garbage, and from wind when doors are open

Property values will decrease due to above issues

7. Save Makaisson!

In a week or so, transfers will be enabled and encouraged from Makaisson to Burlok, Europe's only other Core RP server.

Many of us, the people of Makaisson, like our server fine. Our only issue was lack of scenarios, which could have been dealt with by fixing the parameters by which scenarios are launched, and a growing population.

Servers have to exist in pairs, because you cannot (and rightly so) have characters in both factions on a single server. That being the case, it is the height of foolishness to sacrifice one to save the other. BOTH must remain viable. Other server rulesets will be left 2 or more viable servers, but if the current plans go ahead, there will be only one viable Core RP server.

We hoped that over time our population would build up, especially once we got the the holiday season. We've seen an influx of new folks recently, but with the news of transfers, we are doomed to dwindle away to nothing. New players will not come to Makaisson if they see everyone being encouraged to transfer away.

GOA could have helped our server by running some of those RP events that they'd promised us. They could have helped us by launching the servers simultaneously, instead of three days apart. They could have enough respect for their players to consult us before pulling the plug.

If people are allowed to transfer off Makaisson to Burlok, Makaisson will become completely beyond hope of fixing. So what will be the point of Makaisson even existing?

Save Our Server! Please, GOA, do not kill our community. Give us a chance to grow.

8. Keep Kimmorley with the Sharks

Against his wishes, Brett Kimmorley earlier this year signed with the Bulldogs for 2009. This is a great shame and needs to be rectified.

All Kimmorley wanted was to finish his career with the Sharks, and he has been repayed in this atrocious manner, especially after playing great football and helping the club achieve so much this season.

9. Improving the Sudbury Transit Center

My main focus started with Transit Buses in the outskirts of down town Sudbury, As I looked more into the issues there's things wrong with every part of the city.

In 1999 Sudbury, Became the GREATER CITY OF SUDBURY.

So you would think if we are The GREATER CITY OF SUDBURY all town's would be treated the same. Nope! ALL out skirt town buses run on different times then down town Sudbury buses, why is that if were all one city now?

IN spring 2008 the City decided to make one later bus for the outskirts to 12:30. All regular buses stayed the same.


What about the people who work early in the morning? sometimes their late because of traffic or of the roads, maybe we should have earlier buses to.

All of ONTARIO, Sudbury is the only one to have the new transit system...WHY, why didn't they take the money they used from the tax payers to improve the system, with more frequent, and longer bus times, lasting though out the day, (morning to night) and providing a larger range of services, example (whitefish, dowling), Including Sundays and holidays.

Did you know must stores/ restaurants are still open on SUNDAYS/ Holidays..... How are they sappose to get to work....

With the new system, the transfers don't give us much time, when were traveling on the out skirt buses, especially from Caperol, by the time you get to Val Caron, your transfer is expired, and then the drivers give you a hassle and YOU shouldn't have to pay more money, YOUR transfer should be good like everyone else's.

Sudbury is also one of the cities in Ontario to shut their Transit early. North Bay is smaller than us and their buses all run till 2:00am.

People need to work, they have personal lives to be meet with, to live a "normal" life.... what if they work 'til 11:00 and have no way home because some of the outskirt buses stop at 9:00 and so on. Is the city excepting people not to work?

Maybe this would help people get off Welfare, if there was more options or services.

Maybe there could be less accidents?

There are many elderly people who retire in the outskirts, but have no way to get around, and on pension, the can't afford to take a taxi everywhere.

Also Most buses are extremely packed....there's an overage on the college students, there's not enough places for them to live.... YOU think there's enough seats too? there's like what 30 seats on a bus, plus standing? and then people getting hurt because the driver slams on the breaks, and puff the people go flying.

10. Community Park Support of Property Transfer to Phila. Rec Dept

With guidance from the Pennsylvania Horticultural Society (PHS), the Friends have decided that transferring ownership to the Recreation Department provides the best advantages, for several reasons, including:

§ This is a model that has been used successfully at Fitler Square and other similar parks.

§ The Recreation Department would help us with many maintenance tasks, such as sidewalk repair.

§ This structure would give us access to the City’s insurance, so that we do not have to bear that cost ourselves.

§ PHS strongly recommends this model and has funding that we can access only if the Recreation Department assumes ownership.

Thus, under the stewardship of the Department of Recreation, Montrose Park will benefit from the guidance of the Department as the Friends continue with the fundraising efforts and eventual construction phase of the project. As the ultimate goal of the Friends of Montrose Park is to convert these current vacant lots into a community "pocket" park, this ownership transfer would be an early but essential step in helping to achieve that end-goal.

11. Stop NY Fed Transfer of North Korean $25 Million

The Six-Party denuclearization talks with North Korea halted earlier this year, because the US froze $25 million of accounts in Banco Delta Asia in Macau. The funds were frozen by the US Treasury Department because the funds in the accounts were believed to be obtained by counterfeiting US currency and other illicit activities.

So far, the Bank of China and Wachovia Bank have declined requests from the US State Department to transfer these funds back to North Korea.

State's newest request is for the Federal Reserve Bank of New York to transfer the funds back to North Korea. Lee Bollinger is a Class C director on the board of directors.

Apart from aiding a regime that is one of the world's most egregious human rights violators, the Federal Reserve Bank of New York transfer would also be in violation of: Section 311 of the USA Patriot Act, United Nations Security Council Resolution 1718, and Sections 1956-1957 of US Criminal Code, Title 18.

12. Get

Although a person bought rightfully. I request that for ease of use for the visitors of, that we fairly (bought, given ad-space) get the domain for our use.

We are not asking that he give us the domain for nothing. We will offer a reasonable offer and wish he will transfer the domain.

13. Fire Mr. Cummings

It is safe to say that everyone- or most people- who have ever encountered the long-time Mt. Carmel High School teacher Mr. Cummings was not pleased with his attitude. His attitude is not only extremely negative, but he speaks to students in a condescending manner. He constantly reminds students in a lower math class that they should be in a higher math class, and also reminds students in a higher math class that they should not even be placed there.

As an educator, this behavior should not be acceptable. It makes students feel uncomfortable, and it also shows just how much he is NOT helping the students who could really use it. Evidence of this can be proven if one were to either take a poll of how many students would transfer out of Mr. Cumming's classes if given the chance, or, to research through the counseling office how many students actually went through with the class transfer. Either way, the number of students is a large number; large enough for one to question the efficiency of his teaching.

The goal of this petition is to bring attention and demand action for the improper treatment of students as well as to suggest a new educator; one that will provide a better education and learning environment for the class.


14. Parents Supporting Our Innovative WES Teachers

Three teachers from WES have expressed their desire to request a transfer. These innovative, talented, and energetic teachers are Jennifer Carhart, Janice Martin and Stacey Robichaud. Two of these teachers have had to take on a challenging year of a 3/4 French Immersion MAC class. Even though the MAC class has been proven this year to be very successful, these teachers have felt very little support and appreciation for their hard work and innovation.

In addition to wonderful in class teaching, these teachers are also the foundation for many of the great extra curricular programs at WES including noon hour activities, 100 day celebrations, French week, math club, math days and many others. Most parents can attest to the fact that these are three wonderful, fun and effective teachers - teachers that all kids love and look up to.. Please sign this petition, and make sure they know how much we truly appreciate them!! Please note that there is a discussion board, where you can post your words of support. Thank you.

15. Parents Supporting Our Innovative WES Teachers

Three teachers from WES have put in for transfer. These innovative, talented, and energetic teachers are Jennifer Carhart, Janice Martin and Stacey Robichaud. Two of these teachers have had to take on a challenging year of a 3/4 MAC class. Instead of just trying to keep up with the workload they've pushed the envelope implementing many new and innovative teaching methods and programs. Unfortunately, after having to deal all year with repetitive complaints from an select few and sensing a general lack of support for their innovative methods, these teachers feel alone in their cause and unappreciated.

These teachers are the foundation for many of the great programs at WES including noon hour activities, 100 day celebrations, french week, math club, math days and many others. Many parents can attest to the fact that these are three great teachers - teachers that their kids love and look up to. Let's make sure they know how much we truly appreciate them. Please sign this petition and if you wish please also post written words of support on the discussion board.

16. No Clemency For Murder by Hill

In May of 1987, Jonny Lee Hill committed a brutal murder in Malvern, Arkansas and was sentneced to life in Prison by a jury of his peers.
In April of 2003, he will be screened by the Post Prison Transfer Board for eligibility for a Clemency Hearing.

17. Ban technology transfer from USA to Europe

This petition is to ban high technology transfer to Europe and to treat the EU as one sensitive country.

18. Stop yearly domain name registration

Changing domain registration policy.

This is a petition to change the registration policy of domain names or intellectual property on the internet. This is a petition to see what people think about having to register there domain names each year for a constant changing fee. We feel that you should only pay a one time fee and this name should belong to you forever or until you transfer it or sell it.
Please support this effect to change this unfair policy.

19. Ban Landmines Now!

Landmines were created to slow-down large-scale enemy advancement in war, but in reality, 80% of estimated casualties are innocent civilians. In 1997 the International Campaign to Ban Landmines put the mine ban treaty into effect. This treaty bans the use, production, and transfer of antipersonnel landmines and has been ratified by 112 countries and signed by 139.

20. International Transfer of Offenders Treaty

This petition is on matters concerning the International Transfer of Offenders Treaty. American prison authorities, both federal and state, have for years violated the Transfer of Offender Treaty rights, including the letter of the treaty, with discrimination, denials, injustices, lack of medical treatment, the list is not exhaustive. Our men and women are suffering so much so, that even their family and friends are feeling the atrocities caused by these prison administrators.