Government of Prince Edward Island
Prince Edward Island, CANADA

In 2014, the current 2004 Health Accord -- the deal that sets funding and healthcare service delivery agreements between the federal, provincial and territorial governments -- will expire and must be renegotiated. This is a unique opportunity to improve health and health care for all Canadians.

The renewed 2014 Health Accord must be a joint initiative between all provincial, territorial and federal governments and must include key provisions in order to improve the accessibility, equity, comprehensiveness and sustainability of our health system. Among these provisions is the need for action on primary health care across Canada, including increased access to Community Health Centres on PEI and across Canada.

Short video about Canada's Community Health Centres

We call on the Government of PEI to commit to negotiating a renewed 2014 Health Accord in concert with the other Provinces and Territories and the Government of Canada, including:

a) A 6% increase in health transfers from the Government of Canada to the provinces/territories for the duration of the accord; and

b) A commitment to NOT subtract any of these new health transfers from other, existing social transfers; and

c) A renewed commitment to the five principles of the Canada Health Act; and

d) Adoption of the following additional seven principles for Canada's health system: "patient-centred"; "quality"; "health promotion and illness prevention"; "equitable"; "sustainable"; "accountable"; "community-oriented"; and

e) A provision within the accord identifying “access to appropriate primary health care” as a priority area for federal and provincial/territorial action.

We also call on the Government of PEI to commit to developing a plan to expand access to Community Health Centre (CHC) services through a combination of new resources for existing CHCs in PEI -- so that they may extend services and programs to community members most urgently in need -- and funding for new Community Health Centres in communities where needs cannot be met by an existing CHC.

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