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There is a place where there is almost no crime, happy people and a wholesome society, where families are healthy and there is peace.

Even though it's a far off ideal, it begins by ending pornography.

With much ado about health, a growing concern for social problems, crime of all kinds and the safety of the future, as well as wars of all kinds, concerned citizens all over the nation are looking for solutions and the causes in hopes of findng a cure, or at least finding some peace.

Peace of mind, health and wellness, happiness and human potential are at risk, and there is a plague worse than any we could imagine which is near if not at the heart of this, and that is pornography. Most people know someone affected by this plague, the worst killer that has ever been devised.

Nothing can more efficiently destroy a person, fizzle their mind, evaporate their future, eliminate their potential or destroy society like pornography. It is so terrible that many do not even recognize it until it is too late, and most refuse to admit it. It is worse than Hitler, worse than AIDS, cancer or any other epidemic. It is more catastrophic than nuclear holocaust, and it must be stopped.

I call on the divine within each person to stand up against this evil weapon. I challenge everyone to fight back and begin to actually do some good in this world. Remember, anyone can donate money, but it is a real man which can stand up against such an evil as pornography.

Test scores will increase, science launch, inspiration and wonderful advancements, and the quality of life will improve, but first, we must remove this ugly disease. Once we do, no one will believe the results, no one can anticipate the benefits.

Finally, to illegalize pornography in the United States is necessary step, and yet every nation in the world needs the same provisions. Let us encourage leaders and governments everywhere to adopt this undertaking.

Illegalize and ban the production, possession and distribution of pornographic media in all forms, including and not limited to print, video and internet in the United States.

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