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1. Ban and Illegalize Pornography

Pornography is prevalent everywhere in today's society. It should be illegal to produce, distribute, and to have possession of all pornographic media in all forms, including and not limited to print, video, and internet in the U.S. Those who argue that porn is harmless are uneducated on the effects of pornography and the damage it does to the user, the users surrounding relationships, and how the user views the opposite sex.

Pornography is proven to become addictive, causing users to become desensitized, causing them to seek out more perverse and more extreme types of pornography (including viewing aggressive behaviors and rape). Men who view pornography regularly have a higher tolerance for abnormal sexuality, including rape, sexual aggression, and sexual promiscuity.

Prolonged consumption of pornography by men produces stronger notions of women as commodities or as "sex objects." Pornography warps the mind and causes may physiological problems such as, self-esteem issues, question in sexuality, compulsion, perception, etc. Any recovered porn addict will stress the destruction porn takes on ones life and will share the struggles pornography caused them and what they went through emotionally, mentally, and physically.

Think of the younger generations, young girls thinking they have to act, look, and be treated in that manner. Young men objectifying these young women and treating them as such. In some cases this is already happening. Pornography needs to be stopped before it is too late. It is effecting both sexes presently and is gradually getting more violent and perverse, causing both men and women to lose respect for one another. It's Causing divorces, suicide, and crime. What will this world come to if this obscene destructive problem continues? Morality, love, trust, and peace has been greatly diminished by pornography.

I challenge you to stand up and no longer turn a blind eye to this destructive problem. Sign this petition, share it, be a voice. Help fight for this generation, and the ones to come. Banning pornography will be one of the best things to happen to this nation.

2. Support Ravism

We're here to make Ravism a recognised religion!

I know a lot of you will have already signed for this years ago, but something technical went wrong with the petition so its been re-started :)

3. Help Metal X Radio move to satellite radio!

Metal X Radio is dedicated to bringing you kickass rock, hard rock, and metal 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and to give unsigned bands the opportunity to have their music heard. Metal X plays both local and national bands, and we are committed to giving every band equal opportunity to have their music on the air.

We at Metal X Radio feel that by utilizing Satellite radio as well as internet radio, we will be able to reach a bigger audience and give bands more of a chance to be heard.

4. Melee Re-Release

Melee was a great game. It is still played today by more than half of the "professional" brawl players. Melee was a game that needed skill and practice to play. The competition in it was incredible. There were huge tournaments, MLG was involved and the community was very happy until Brawl came out.

Brawl is a game that anybody can pick up and spend 4 hours practicing to be able to beat people that have been playing for months. Since Dacus and Glidetossing/chaingrabbing were discovered, it gave the hardcore gamers a way t beat the casuals easily.

This still isn't enough. Brawl is very slow paced, the edges autosweetspot and there are many things wrong with the game, especially the characters who are more unbalanced than melee's. There is also a lack of hitstun in brawl. This made the players HACK the game in order to recreate it into a better game. Wavedashing, L canceling, Shine spiking, drill shining, dash dancing, Combos, drill shining, pillaring, tech chasing and skill were all fun aspects of melee. Brawl is very limited while melee was a very creative game.

Brawl also includes crappy stages and a very horrible story mode. Please re-release melee for the wii, with more characters and stages. The graphics don't matter as long as there are more characters/stages. Brawl is a disappointment. Many games for the wii were also a disappointment. Since many of the hardcore titles were simplified, hardcore players went to third party makers, or bought a rival console.

Respect for Nintendo has been lost and can easily be regained by pleasing the hardcore gamers. Re-release melee, the greatest game Nintendo ever made.

5. Bring back Kill From The Heart

This petition's purpose is to show the global interest and support for maintaining the hardcore music web reference site, Kill From the Heart.

The site has not been updated in nearly 3 years, and with the growing interest in this era of music the need for a site as beneficial as KFTH is greater than ever.

6. Kill From The Heart

This petition’s purpose is to show the global interest and support for maintaining the hardcore music web reference site, Kill From the Heart.

The site has not been updated in nearly 3 years, and with the growing interest in this era of music the need for a site as beneficial as KFTH is greater than ever.

7. Bring Back The Hardcore Title

I cant beleve the hardcore title was replaced with U.S title we should have both.

8. Illegalize and Ban Pornography in the United States of America

There is a place where there is almost no crime, happy people and a wholesome society, where families are healthy and there is peace.

Even though it's a far off ideal, it begins by ending pornography.

With much ado about health, a growing concern for social problems, crime of all kinds and the safety of the future, as well as wars of all kinds, concerned citizens all over the nation are looking for solutions and the causes in hopes of findng a cure, or at least finding some peace.

Peace of mind, health and wellness, happiness and human potential are at risk, and there is a plague worse than any we could imagine which is near if not at the heart of this, and that is pornography. Most people know someone affected by this plague, the worst killer that has ever been devised.

Nothing can more efficiently destroy a person, fizzle their mind, evaporate their future, eliminate their potential or destroy society like pornography. It is so terrible that many do not even recognize it until it is too late, and most refuse to admit it. It is worse than Hitler, worse than AIDS, cancer or any other epidemic. It is more catastrophic than nuclear holocaust, and it must be stopped.

I call on the divine within each person to stand up against this evil weapon. I challenge everyone to fight back and begin to actually do some good in this world. Remember, anyone can donate money, but it is a real man which can stand up against such an evil as pornography.

Test scores will increase, science launch, inspiration and wonderful advancements, and the quality of life will improve, but first, we must remove this ugly disease. Once we do, no one will believe the results, no one can anticipate the benefits.

Finally, to illegalize pornography in the United States is necessary step, and yet every nation in the world needs the same provisions. Let us encourage leaders and governments everywhere to adopt this undertaking.

9. Too much sex on tv and internet

March 25, 2006

I would like way less sex scenes on tv and there should not be porn sites on the net!

Women and children should not have to be in fear everytime they walk out the door. Everyday you read about someones child is missing or molested or raped and murdered.

Parental controls only block children. What about these adults that watch this on tv? What do you think is going through their mind? Then they go out and rape innocent children and women. It is not fair nor is it right.

Maybe if there was no sex for these people to watch, would as much crime be happening? Sex is way too overrated. Please lets put a end to this crazyness!

10. Ban BBS Lolita Porn on AOL

America Online confines its customers' usage of the internet within terms but many ordinary rights of Americans are ignored when online with AOL.

I am shocked to see AOL's lack of censorship regarding illegal pornographic content which is seemingly freely broadcast and received by AOL. There is a loophole child pornographers seem to be exploiting on the internet. I have inadvertantly discovered this and reported it to authorities with no results. The code word for underage pornography is "Lolita" in all venues I have witnessed.

These sites, allmost all having some connection to .BBS webhosting, as opposed to the more common .COM seem to be a big problem to me. If these sites do not get seen, they cannot be shut down. PASS THIS MESSAGE TO ANYONE WITH KIDS ! ! !

11. Anti 2257 Changes

June 10, 2005

Recently, the US Govt. has issued that the 2257 U.S.C. 18 is to be changed on June 23rd, 05. The new changes that are to occur, will have a devestating impact upon adult webmasters all over the United States.

The new rules/regulations REQUIRES ALL adult webmasters to release PRIVATE & PERSONAL information about their models/content, creating a virtual playground for indentity thieves. According to the new 2257 Rules ALL of the following is REQUIRED to be given to ANYONE in the public for ANY model in sexually explicit content.

Social Security #'s
Date Of Birth
Personal Signatures
Phone Numbers
Home Address's

The New 2257 Rules/Regs will put MANY hard working/under payed adult webmasters out of business.

As the 2257 regulations become more & more ridiculous, it will also take it's toll on the U.S. economy.

I urge anyone who has fallen victom of identity theft, any adult/mainstream webmaster to carefully consider signing this petition.

Thank You,

12. Make Hardcore 2005 an all ages event!

Hardcore 2005 is a currently Over 18's event held at the Gaelic Club in Surry Hills once a year. The show features some of Australia's best hardcore acts at only a small price.

Unfortunately, the many Under 18's in the area are excluded from celebrating such an event, and therefore do not get to enjoy live Australian Hardcore to the fullest.

I'm on a campaign to make this an All Ages (AA) event for this year or the years to come. Please sign this if you would like to see this event open for all ages.

13. Ban Pornography - Hardcore & Softcore Porn

May 2004

Over the years, this tasteless stuff has corrupted the minds of the people of the world. Especially Japanese "Hentai."

This stuff is watched by the insane and drug-addicts etc. But above all, this garbage is leaking into the lives of our children, even though as young as 8 years old. Please, help us end this horror.

14. We Want MC E.N.D. at the next Hulla!!

I created this petition on behalf of the ravers that will attend and have attended a hullabaloo event before. Being that Hullabaloo gets worldwide recognition as one of the biggest happy hardcore events in the world, i see it as a good opportunity to get the name of a great performer out. E.N.D. is one of North America's fastest rising stars in the world of hardcore, in both MCing and DJing, and we would like to see him on the stage rockin' the mic at the next hullabaloo!