Relevant universities

Currently, for many universities, they ask around 32 points minimum to get into courses at university. The amount of work neede to get these points is phenominal, and when compared to what they ask from A-levels it is horrifying, as if they are trying to stop us from going to university.

To get into Oxford, for instance, they ask for a minimum of 38-42 points, which is the equavalent of five A-levels at an A grade (acordicng to UCAS). Yet for A-levels they ask only 3 As, which is a lot less work, and therefore it is totally unfair.

Universities need to realise the difference; UCAS certainly does.

We, the undersigned, want universities to understand the actual difference between the work needed to get the amount of IB points needed to get in, compared to A-level grades.

Seeing as Britain is being urged towards IB now, it is time that they Universities realise how valuable (and how much hard work it is[but extremely rewarding]) compared to A-levels.

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