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1. Keep Staffordshire Uni Libraries Open 24/7!

Staffordshire University are closing the library at 12am except for a 2 week period at Christmas and near deadlines after Easter- we want our 24/7 library back!

In 2008-9 it was a big win for the student union to get a 24/7 library. We cannot let this regress or how long will it be before it has normal office hours?

2. End Lib-Dem cooperation with the Coalition

A coalition is when two or more parties in government work together, either because of similar ideology or to achieve an elective majority, theoretically reaching compromises on important subjects to achieve a roughly even legislative record (issue #1 goes to party A, issue #2 goes to party B in exchange. It's not ideal, but both parties get something they want).

This coalition fails in both of those regards.

The Lib-Dems do not, and should not, have even a remotely similar political ideology to the Conservative Party. Similarly, the Tories have little to nothing in common with the Lib-Dems, and compromises on major issues have been non-existent. Instead, only a series of humiliating concessions have been made, and the Prime Minister has seen fit to lend his weight to sabotaging even these, as has been made clear with the referendum.

This is not a coalition, it is a Tory government masquerading as a coalition, pinning the blame for their actions on the Liberal Democrats whilst slowly eating their electoral base.

It is a state of affairs that cannot continue, and thus the Liberal Democrats must salvage what is left of their reputation and leave this ship of government before they are nailed to the mast. They do not deserve the criticisms aimed at them, and if they are to avoid decimation at the next election they must realise their mistake early, pull out, and assume a campaign of coordinated blocking of the government's supposed-reforms until concessions are made on major points of Lib-Dem policy and tangible results are produced as a result.

3. اقدام علیه تحریم دانشگاه صنعتی شریف

گزارش های نگران کننده ای از تصمیم اتحادیه اروپا ، برای قرار دادن نام دانشگاه صنعتی شریف( از دانشگاه های معتبر ایران) در لیست جدید تحریم ها علیه فعالیت های غنی سازی اورانیوم دولت جمهوری اسلامی ایران در دست قرار دارد

4. IB result to be lowered to get into universities

Currently, for many universities, they ask around 32 points minimum to get into courses at university. The amount of work neede to get these points is phenominal, and when compared to what they ask from A-levels it is horrifying, as if they are trying to stop us from going to university.

To get into Oxford, for instance, they ask for a minimum of 38-42 points, which is the equavalent of five A-levels at an A grade (acordicng to UCAS). Yet for A-levels they ask only 3 As, which is a lot less work, and therefore it is totally unfair.

Universities need to realise the difference; UCAS certainly does.

5. Stop JET funding cuts

I'm 18 years old and have a beautiful 13 month old daughter. I started the young parents program at balga senior high school in Western Australia in July 2006.

This facility helps young parents go back to school so that they can receive a proper education and do well in life for themselves and their children. We currently get JET assistance so that we dont have to pay full price for child care, and we can still afford the necessities in life. May I add that not only young people receive this payment it is ALL parents that return to study, whether it be school, TAFE or Uni. Now the government are planning to only give the JET payment to eligable applicants for 1 year and then make them pay $127 per week! We are trying to do whats right by going back to school so we can get a good job and get OFF centrelink.

As you can see the Government really cares! Please sign this petition so that all parents have a fighting chance in life to build a good foundation for their children.


6. CSI Computer Request

This petition from the students of the Graduate School of Education and Human Development, Department of Counseling/Human and Organizational Studies at The George Washington University calls for a new computer to be purchased for the Chi Sigma Iota, Rho Theta Chapter of GWU to be placed in the Community Counseling Services Center.

Because there is no single place where standard databases (including membership, new student, and internship databases) can be housed, a new computer is essential.

Furthermore, because of the numerous valid career assessments that are currently available via the Internet, the new computer will serve as a tool for those needing career counseling services. Minimum requirements needed for the requested computer include Internet access, a spreadsheet program, and a word processing program.