#Animal Welfare

I need to take care of these dogs but I don't have enough money!

Please, help me!

These dogs were mistreated and abused by people with no heart and evil character! They belonged to two men who made atrocities with them, like throwing hot oil, attacking them with kicks and beatings! Are a family of dogs who now need urgent veterinary treatment.

One needs surgery on his belly and another to cure cataracts. They all have at least one broken rib and numerous wounds in the body! Frankly I do not know how these little animals survived until today!

They also need proper food, because at my house are eating leftovers of our food. In Brazil, veterinary care and food are expensive and I'm not afford to care for them as well as I'd like!

Please, I ask that any amount you can donate! I do not want to give them to other people because I have much fear of them do not care how they deserve! these animals have already suffered too much! Prefer staying at home, where they will be cared for with love!

Here in my town,unfortunately, there are many abandoned animals in the streets! I have a space in my backyard where I could make a huge kennel to bring them here and look after them with love! I can not stand to see animals suffer more!

I'm not asking anything for me, just for them! So please, any amount that you can donate will be accepted with great joy and gratitude! I already thank you from the heart!

God bless you all!


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