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1. Help To Educate The Street Kids

Heal Rejoice Smile is a charitable foundation (Registration is under process as per the Govt Laws ).
The Main Aims Of HRS include :
1. To teach the most underprivileged children.
2. To sponsor and enroll young kids to good schools.
3.To Provide all the required additional materials needed to study( books, note books, stationary, toys, uniform, shoes etc.).
3. To help the kids with their studies.( assisting with HW and projects, Additional coaching and weekly evaluation.).
4. To donate stove for cooking, Emergency light for the night, utensils and other basic needs of living for the homeless people.
5. Healing and Counselling to uplift them from their current situations and give them hope, courage and power to believe in themselves.

"Arise, Awake And Stop Not Till The Goal Is Achieved." - Swami Vivekananda

2. Feeding the homeless

All of the left over food from all restaurants, that is still edible, to be bispursed through local homeless shelters, and soup kitchens to feed all the people that the government forgot about.

I have worked in many fast food restaurants, and they throw away so much edible food at the end of the day. Then I go out and see people asking for money to get some food, when I just threw away enough food to feed him for a week, and it just hurts.

We have enough food to feed every person in this state, if we all just cared about each other a little more.

3. Help us create jobs for unemployed women and youth

Good day.
We are a new company called Alphology based in Pretoria, Gauteng, South Africa with many ideas on how to fight crime, drug abuse, poverty and dependency on government social grants. We aim to create jobs that will employ as many as 2000-10000 women and youth of our country.
However, the company lacks the funds to achieve its goal and petitions the global society to help us in our noble cause. We are a nation of hungry people with no jobs and food as well as proper shelter.
As indicated above, the company seeks to create 2000 to 10000 new and sustainable real jobs within the coming 10 years starting from now. These new jobs are aimed at the rural and semi-urban women, youth and graduates. This will lessen the burden experienced by the government in the provision of social grants to the more than 17 million beneficiaries.
This will also make sure that the girl learner is kept in school where they should rightly be because their mothers will be able to buy them tampon pads and other basic necessities. We urge you to donate to our campaign. We urge you to forward our petition to all caring members of society including celebrities, churches, governments and not-for-profit organizations and individuals.
It is possible that such job creation campaign can slash the provision of social grants by at least 2-million or more beneficiaries as their parents or family members will be employed as breadwinners. More money from these possible employed beneficiaries could be diverted to basic and higher education, health, safety and security and other important projects.
Alphology is raising money at and appeals to all people in the universe to help us reach our goal by donating by donating to this noble campaign. We petition you to help us however, the sole discretion to help us rests with you. We are not bullying or forcing anyone to help us but blessed is the hand that giveth.
What we ask, is for you to let others know about our campaign and perhaps they can be generous enough to give.
We also offer investor equity in our campaign to anyone who will invest at a 50/50% share or whatever the investor may demand even if it is major stakeholder investor equity in the company, as long as we achieve our dream.
We ask angel investors and the global community to open their hearts and give without reservation.
Please, watch our video at in support of our campaign. Our campaign comes to an end within the next 6 days and as such we ask for your human milk of kindness to make this campaign become a reality. Your help in this campaign will create jobs and stop xenophobic attacks and other social problems.
Alphology’s main focus is within computer programming, computer engineering, graphic designing, education and development professionals as well as non professionals. It produces Early Childhood Development material as well as Learner Teacher Support Material and aims to develop a search engine and a financial institution that will be inclusive to all, thus help fight poverty in the country.
For more information contact:
o Contact Person: Jabulani Nzilane
o Company Name: Alphology
o Telephone Number: +27727363192
o Email Address:
o Web site address:

Alphology is a company registered with the Department of Trade and Industry and is focused on education and it embraces the concept of Mindful Teaching=Mindful Learning which implies that no conducive learning can ever manifest if the environment does not permit so.

4. Support the Good Samaritan Act for Food Donation

A bill to diminish liability and encourage food donations from produce/ hospitality businesses large and small.

THE GOOD SAMARITAN ACT (variations of which are currently in effect in other countries around the world) protects the donor against liability except in cases of 'gross negligence or intentional misconduct'. So there is no excuse not to donate.

There is no Good Samaritan act in South Africa. There are NGOs that encourage individual food donation - but businesses are too scared (understandably so)/ discouraged by the possibility of a massive lawsuit.

The Act provides protection for food and grocery products that meet all quality and labeling standards imposed by local laws and regulations even though the food may not be "readily marketable due to appearance, age, freshness, grade, size, surplus or other conditions." It would have established procedures to ensure that safe food handling and storage is built into the donation program.

Stores are constantly overstocking and there is an absurd wastage problem evident when seeing production vs consumption stats. This is senseless when there are shelters, schools, NGO programmes and underprivileged communities that could benefit greatly from this.

5. Save Lives Through Presumed Organ Donation :: Sauver des vies grâce au consentement présumé de don d’organes

4500+ Canadians currently await an organ transplant because the need for replacement organs far exceeds the available supply. for waitlist individuals, this leads to debilitated lifestyle, critical care intervention, or premature death. sadly, hundreds of preventable deaths result each year due to organ shortages.

Presently, the organ donation registration process varies across Canada. only 2 provinces have an official organ donation registration system in place (BC & Ontario). for the remaining provinces/territories, organ donation of the deceased individual is ultimately vulnerable to omission or disregard: within the extant system, family members are empowered to make the final decision.

In conducted health polls, 95% of Canadians answered that they would accept an organ in the event they needed one. additionally, the majority of these surveyed individuals were not in fact opposed to the idea of organ donation but rather quite the opposite. so if the majority of the nation supports the idea of organ donation, then why have so few actually registered?

The establishment of a federal organ donor registry would bridge this gap. Upon legal age, citizens would be automatically registered as willing organ donors in the event of a premature death. to ensure personal freedom and rights are protected for every citizen, each individual would be provided with the option to legally unlist from the registry. in the case of a minor, the choice to donate would become a legal guardian responsibility. presumed organ donation would more accurately represent the disposition of Canadian citizens, minimize premature death based on organ shortages, while still protecting personal freedoms and rights.

How can you help eradicate the organ shortage crisis? a bill will be proposed to the Government of Canada (with the signatures added to this petition) which will state:

Let it be recognized that every citizen of Canada of legal age be registered in a Federal Presumed Organ Donor Registry unless otherwise specified by the individual right to unlist.

PLEASE, sign the petition and forward the link. join us in raising our voices to make a difference in our nation… because WE can.

Sauver des vies grâce au consentement présumé de don d’organes

Plus de 4500 Canadiens sont actuellement en attente d’une transplantation d’organes parce que le besoin pour le remplacement d’organes est supérieur aux dons disponibles. Cet état de fait peut compromettre la qualité de vie des gens dont le nom figure sur la liste d’attente. Plusieurs individus doivent recevoir des soins intensifs et certains mourront de façon prématurée. Ainsi, des centaines de morts surviennent chaque année à cause de ce manque d’organes.

Pour l’instant, les registres de dons d’organes diffèrent à travers le Canada. Seulement deux provinces – l’Ontario et la Colombie-Britannique possèdent un registre officiel de donneurs d’organes. Pour les autres provinces et territoires, le prélèvement d’organes de la personne décédée est susceptible d’être omis ou même de ne pas être envisagé.

D’après des sondages portant sur la santé, 95 pour cent des Canadiens ont indiqué qu’ils accepteraient de recevoir un organe en cas de besoin. Ainsi, la majorité des gens interrogés étaient favorables au don d’organes. Alors pourquoi si peu d’entre eux ont-ils clairement exprimé leur volonté?

La mise sur pied d’un registre fédéral officiel viendrait combler ce vide. Au moment d’atteindre la majorité, les citoyens seraient d’emblée considérés comme des donneurs potentiels en cas de mort prématurée. Pour garantir la liberté individuelle et la protection de chaque citoyen, chaque personne se verrait offrir le choix de se désister officiellement de ce registre. Dans le cas d’un mineur, la décision du don reviendrait aux parents ou au tuteur légal. Le consentement présumé de don d’organes correspondrait davantage à la position des Canadiens sur la question et contribuerait à réduire le nombre de morts prématurées liées au manque d’organes tout en protégeant le choix et la liberté de chacun.

Comment aider à réduire le manque d’organes disponibles ? Un projet de loi sera proposé au Gouvernement canadien (et sera accompagné des signatures de cette pétition) et se lira comme suit :

Reconnaissons que chaque citoyen canadien ayant atteint l’âge de la maturité fasse partie du registre de consentement présumé de don d’organes à moins d’un désistement volontaire.

SVP, signez la pétition et faites suivre ce lien. Vous aussi, vous pouvez faire une différence. D’après Transplant Québec, « un donneur d’organes peut sauver jusqu’à 8 vies. Un donneur d’organes peut aussi aider jusqu’à 15 autres personnes par le don de tissus. »

Nous, soussignés, invitons le Gouvernement canadien à mettre en place un système de consentement présumé de don d’organes afin de réduire le manque actuel et d’ainsi sauver des vies.

6. Reserve Land for the Gray Wolves


The Gray Wolf is a species of wolf recognized as Endangered by the US Government and Extirpated by New York State. This species of wolf’s numbers have dropped as low as 150 per state due to destruction of their natural habitat and and hunting wolves for game.

Using donations, our organizations goal is to help spread awareness of the growing issue of this endangered species, and encourage people to help preserve and save these wolves from being killed and lost thanks to human indecency like so many species have been in the past.

7. Support UNICEF and help save lives!

The United Nations Children's Fund - UNICEF - works for children's rights, their survival, development and protection. The organization provides long-term humanitarian and developmental assistance to children and mothers in over 150 countries and territories.

UNICEF Inspired Gifts is an innovative program that gives you the opportunity to purchase actual life-saving items that will be shipped directly to one of over 150 countries where UNICEF serves. While other organizations allow supporters to purchase "symbolic" gifts, Inspired Gifts are actual items like warm blankets, vaccines, mosquito nets, water wells, therapeutic milk, even School-in-a-Box kits. In a world where everyday 25,000 children die from preventable causes, Inspired Gifts can make an immediate and dramatic difference in the life of a child threatened by malnutrition, disease, unclean water, lack of shelter, basic immunizations and basic medicines.

Examples of Inspired Gifts:

$18.80 Multiple Micronutrient Powder (604 packets)
$20.60 Tetanus Toxoid (TT) Vaccine (412 doses)
$27.00 Anti Malarial Drugs (treatment for 30 children)
$28.30 Measles Vaccine (101 doses)
$31.04 Polio Vaccine (treatment for 53 children)
$35.80 Deworming Tablets (treatment for 994 children)
$69.00 10,000 Water Purification Tablets (4-5 liters for each tablet)
$79.81 Oral Rehydration Salts (1,000 packets)

8. Help Fight Fistula

Fistula is a condition affects over 2 million women and girls across Africa and results in loss of dignity, self worth and productivity for most of them.

The devastating medical and social repercussions of VVF are real and life threatening.

Women afflicted by VVF are shunned and generally treated as outcasts.

The condition is, in most cases, solved by a simple surgical procedure, costing less than $250.

Your contribution will go a long way to make a difference in the lives of countless African Mothers.

9. Support Free Charity Cars

Free charity cars is an organization that helps people in need to get donated cars. These cares are given to families who need them.

We need help letting people know and to help in some way. Please share this.

10. Give Gay Men The Right To Donate Their Blood, And Their Organs

In Canada, it is presumed that every Gay man is either infected with HIV or with any other sexual disease. Due to that fact, Gay men do not have the right to give blood or donate organs.

There are many gay parents who worry if their child were in an accident or very ill, that they would not be able to save their child by giving their child blood or even donating an organ.

There is a large population of Gay men who are in monogamous relationships, with families, and due to their sexual preference, they are denied the basic right of saving a child or any other human being for that matter.

11. Help save these dogs!

I need to take care of these dogs but I don't have enough money!

Please, help me!

12. Help Promote Financial Literacy

As Americans we have all bought into the American Dream. Everyone wants to make a better life and have a little more. But keeping up with the Jones’ has finally caught up with us.

So let’s get this straight…the responsibility for the current financial crisis in America, especially the mortgage industry, rests on all involved parties; consumers looking to have more for less, industry professionals looking to make a better income, corporate America looking to increase the bottom line. No single sector caused the financial crisis that we face today. The truth is that Americans are in trouble because they have little or no Financial Literacy.

As a professional in the mortgage industry, I have first-hand experience dealing with those exact people in crisis. I spend 25 plus hours a week of my time helping those homeowners who got into bad loans, are about to lose everything and have nowhere to turn for help. My phone rings an average of 12 times a day, every day, with another desperate person on the other end who faces foreclosure or bankruptcy because they can’t cover all their expenses. Their desperation is overwhelming and their lack of knowledge about how to manage their money is appalling.

In response to what we have seen, two friends and I are starting a non-profit business, Dependable Consumer Counseling, to address what we see as the fundamental problem in this situation: People don’t have the basic knowledge, we call it Financial Literacy, to manage their money. Our plan is two-fold: to help people explore all their options so they can get out of the crisis they are in and to educate men, women and children so they can have a more secure financial future.

We have had an overwhelming response from everyone we have talked to about our venture. Individuals have shown great interest in attending seminars on Financial Literacy in which we would teach them the basics of budgeting, buying a house and the fundamentals about credit. This type of common sense knowledge is not taught in schools. The teachers and counselors we have spoken with have shown great interest in having us come as guest speakers to teach this program to the children who are our future.

The best part is that we want to offer our services free of charge so that they are available to everyone.

So the concept is sound and much in need, but we feel that in order to be successful we need to do this full time and are starting a non-profit corporation to that end. This is where we need your help. We have looked into government funding and it’s either not there or we don’t qualify for it. And we truly feel that to accomplish our goal, our services must be offered free of charge. Please make a tax deductible donation today so we can help to make a better tomorrow.


We have the ability, as a society, to make a difference in people's lives. I believe that we can make it an American Tradition to donate to one Charity, or help someone in need, once a year.

I, therefore, ask that we set a precedence by establishing CHARITY DAY, November 3, every year. It is one more way to change this beautiful world of ours, in beauty and love, step by step, person by person, small donation by small donation. Kindness always gives Love physical wings.


14. Legalize the Sale of Human Kidneys in United States

About 350,000 Americans suffer from end-stage renal disease, a kidney disorder so advanced that the organ ceases to function (Finkel).

These victims are in need of new organs in order to stay alive, but the problem is not enough kidneys are donated to provide adequate transplants for everyone.

Those placed on a wait list typically have to spend years before they even have the chance of receiving their new kidney. Most victims die while waiting; in fact, In the year 2000 alone, 2,583 Americans died while waiting for a kidney transplant (Goyal, Mehta, Schneiderman, and Sehgal). The number of deaths worldwide is around 50,000.

However, there is a solution to this large problem: legalize the sale of human kidneys in the United States. Legalization and the promise of monetary profit to donors would provide the incentive needed to convince more people to donate their organs.

Thousands of lives would be saved through this process, and America as a world leader would set the stage for more countries to legalize the sale of kidneys. Regulation is a must, of course, in order to allow complete fairness in monetary compensation. With this process in place, new hope and new life can be given to those needing this valuable organ.

Finkel, Michael. “This Little Kidney Went to Market.” New York Times Magazine. New York: May 27, 2001.

Goyal, M., Mehta, R., Schneiderman, L., and Sehgal, A. “Economic and Health Consequences of Selling a Kidney in India.” Journal of the American Medical Association. October 2, 2002. 288, 13, 1589-92.

15. The Road Less Traveled

The ROAD along Lake Samoset is scenic and quaint. The mood is peaceful and serene– that is, until you DRIVE on it. Then, it feels like you're traveling across the Australian Outback! Are you TIRED of potholes, puddles and flooding? Does the dust in your home, and a forever dirty vehicle make you want to SCREAM?

Though thousands of dollars and hundreds of hours of volunteer time have been dedicated to maintaining it, the condition of the road has never been more than marginally acceptable.

Let’s SOLVE the problem once and for all by getting our roads paved and take on some personal responsibility for the state of OUR neighborhood.

16. WestLife for George Best charity

December 4, 2005

On the 3rd of december 2005 I watched the funeral of George Best and at the end a westlife song was played called "you raise me up" and I was thinking the amount of copies they will now sell, then I thought wouldn`t it be nice it they donated all the money from that single to a charity that George Best worked with or supported.

So please sign this petition for westlife to donate the money to a charity of Calum Best`s choice.

17. Stop Child Labour Worldwide

To: The students of Wilclay P.S. and all the other children in the world.

From: A group of students from Wilclay P.S.

Purpose: We are submitting a petition because we want to raise the awareness of Child Labour. Child Labour is all over the world. The unfortunate children has to work hard day and night for pays under a dollar. They are usually sold by their parents because of debts. They don't even have a chance to see their family.

Request: My request is that all the children in schools to start taking action and do more researchs. We can start fundraisers to raise money to donate to save more children from Child Labour. Spread the news about Child Labour and how you can help. Thank you.