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By now, we have all heard the distressing news of Rowland Elementary School being added to the list of possible school closings, due to a $115 million deficit in the DeKalb County School System.

At this time we are asking our Rowland community to come together to save Rowland. The community depends on this school to be there for the parents and our main focus-the children. For the past 43 years Rowland has provided quality education to our students, teachers that go beyond the point of duty, resource programs for parents, quality care and training for our special needs children cultural events to join for our Rowland family and the community together, among many other services our school has to offer.

We cannot allow for this to happen to our children and even future attendees of this area. Please join us in fighting for Rowland. Our children are worth this fight; your child’s education journey starts here. Everyday here at Rowland we are laying the foundation for intelligence, dependability, honesty, citizenship, independence, self-esteem, and so many character and educational traits they will need not just for learning, but for life.

We as parents are not happy with closing down Rowland because of many different reasons. To name a few, where will our children be forced to attend school, how close will the new school be, are we as parents comfortable with the distance the children will have to ride the bus to school? Also, what will happen to our physical school building if left unattended? What will the community become of then?

Please sign this petition and help fight for your child's future here at Rowland Elementary School.

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