#Veteran Support
Justin Trudeau

As a country we are doing amazing things in helping refugees from Syria, the Middle East, and almost any country that seeks aid regarding this matter. However we disregard our Veterans the help they need when they get home. As a country we do not even know how many homeless Veterans there actually are.

We are not helping them but rather putting 10.5 million towards Syrian refugees without looking at the domestic issue of our Veteran affairs first. These men and women gave their lives for country, our freedom, to protect our way of life. Then when they come home, we treat them like their expendable pawns in a chess game.

Human lives cannot be valued, before we look to help other countries, we should look to our own. We should support our Veterans heavily as prized members of our society, understanding without a doubt that they are the heroes of the world.

We, the undersigned, want action to be taken regarding the status of the Federal Programs helping our Veterans.

We want more funding to be put towards helping these men and women and their families.

We want research to be done in mental illness regarding PTSD and how we can help Veterans recover.

Help Veterans find good satisfying jobs.

Bring homeless Veterans off the street.

Finally give more financial aid to them and their families.

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