The Entire Tricare Chain Of Command - The US Military
United States of America

In April of 2011, The North Region of Tricare, which is the US Military Medical Insurance, redid their contract with Healthnet Federal Services, the contractor for the North Region.

With this contract revision came some very disturbing changes that need to be adjusted such as ripping the Tricare Prime Service Option out of the Asheville, NC Area.

Please sign this petition to fight to bring it back to this area asap as there is an extensive ammout of military retirees, and guard & reserve members in this area that are being affected by this unfair change.

The change that was brought forward by the April 2011 contract was that they were wiping away all NC Tricare Prime areas accept for a 50 mile radius of the NC Military Instalitations. This is totally unfair. Please sign this petition.

We, the undersigned, as US Military Service Members, Veterans, and Civilians call on the Tricare Chain of Command for the US Millitary's Medical System to immediately re-evaluate the Tricare North Contract with HealthNet Federal Services and make all major metro areas in the State of North Carolina to include Asheville, NC Tricare Prime Service Areas.

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