The Honourable Speaker and Members of the Legislative Assembly of South Australia

January 17, 2006

Lee (pictured), was killed instantly from multiple injuries when a driver failed to give way at traffic lights colliding with him head on. Lee was riding through a green light on his motorbike. The driver exercised his full rights, declined a police interview and was not asked to submit to a blood test. Lee, his victim, had no rights, infact his name was not even mentioned in the charge.

We are calling for an urgent overhaul of the motoring offences system, with tougher sentences and higher fines.

The current law of driving 'without due care' is a very good reflection of how unimportant road traffic death is considered. At present drivers are charged more often with careless driving, over dangerous driving, as it is easier to obtain a conviction.

The current penalties incurred by drivers involved in a major crash which is a clear-cut case of negligence do not reflect the enormity of the offence.

We want the victim to be the central issue of the charge. The current system fails to acknowledge the senseless loss of life or the trauma suffered by the victim's families. When making the decision to sign this petition please put yourself in the position of the victim's family. What would you consider justice?

We, the undersigned, want a tough new law to be introduced in South Australia favouring a charge of 'without due care causing death' which would leave a wide range of sentences to judges and or a jury according to the level of culpability.

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