#Civil Rights
Miller Brewing Company
United States of America

As part of a Women's Studies Class, I had to create a 'Liberating Action Project' - something pro-woman and liberating to educate the community. I chose to create a petition against Miller Brewing Company's "Catfight" commercial because I find it exploitative and degrading to women.

Miller Brewing Company has recently run a television commercial called, "Catfight" which features two, stereotypically beautiful women arguing the classic Miller Lite debate: "tastes great" vs. "less filling." In the commercial, the two women are arguing their sides and resultantly engage in a fight. The fight begins with one of the women throwing the other into a swimming pool where they rip each other's clothes off and wrestle around, and eventually ends up with the women in a trough of wet concrete. In some of the late night airings, one of the women actually ends the commercial by saying to the other, "Let's make out."

Commercials such as "Catfight" promote sexist thinking in our society. Those signing the petition disagree with the exploitation of female sexuality. Since it has been rumored that a similar series of commercials is planned, the names below are meant to urge Miller Brewing Company to rethink future advertisements such as "Catfight."

We, the undersigned, urge Miller Brewing Company to rethink future advertisements such as "Catfight." Our goal is to help end female exploitation.

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