#Civil Rights
Loretta Riddell/of Banned Granny blog
United States of America

Update May 1, 2006

This petition is now closed. Our British Grandmother has been Cleared to come back to the US to see her son and his family. Thanks to all those who signed.

March 22, 2006

Carol Holden entered the US for the birth of her grandson, false allegations were made against her and she was cleared of the falsehoods.

Because a security agent jumped the gun and stamped her visa entry denied, she has been denied entry into the states to see her son who is home from Iraq, her grandchild and daughter in law.

The Security agents say it has been removed from the computers that she is not allowed in the U.S. but have failed to follow up and make sure she is cleared by both our country and that her country has confirmation of her being cleared and can return to the U.S.A.

We, the undersigned, agree that Carol Holden should have her US Visa Cleared.

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