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1. Help Bristish Grandma Carol Holden

Update May 1, 2006

This petition is now closed. Our British Grandmother has been Cleared to come back to the US to see her son and his family. Thanks to all those who signed.

March 22, 2006

Carol Holden entered the US for the birth of her grandson, false allegations were made against her and she was cleared of the falsehoods.

Because a security agent jumped the gun and stamped her visa entry denied, she has been denied entry into the states to see her son who is home from Iraq, her grandchild and daughter in law.

The Security agents say it has been removed from the computers that she is not allowed in the U.S. but have failed to follow up and make sure she is cleared by both our country and that her country has confirmation of her being cleared and can return to the U.S.A.

2. Pose Again Carol

July 4, 2004

Carol Vorderman posed for the May edition of GQ magazine which went on to be their best selling edition for 3 years.

At 43 years old she struck a real blow for the more mature members of the female population.

She then said that she would like to do some similar shoots but, since then, all has gone quiet. Now Carol has finally left Countdown what better time for her to get back in to the limelight with another set of sizzling photos.

Go on Carol, make your legions of admirers happy and pose again for another set of sixxling photos.


IF YOU DO ONE THING THIS CENTURY...HELP A FAMILY WITHOUT THE FINANCIAL MEANS TO FIGHT A CRIMINAL SYSTEM!!! As I struggle to understand HOW and WHY a child can be taken from their home, their family torn apart and hands tied by parents who are never told of what rights they have...The research this of story of my friend Lynn, reveals THOUSANDS of victims!! I find more mothers, fathers, families and friends who are in need of that "Someone" who make a difference. I wanted to share her story with you. This will not die or go away until SOMETHING changes it. I hope to be a part of that solution. Writing to 50 Senators, the AZ Attorney General, Hillary Clinton, President Bush, and many others, has been a exhausting waste of time...One person can share this and many MAY make a difference, We must NOT allow CPS and DSS to steal our children unless they are REALLY abused! Our case is one of uneducated medical circumstances. This child, Jeannie Hornsby, had Brittel Bone disease as a baby. Misunderstood by CPs, they charge abuse. Lynn has been my dearest friend since 1979 and has jumped through all CPS lies and deceitful hoops to be tormented and her child legally stolen! My heart breaks every day as I see a family torn apart, a family devesated, and an agency in control of our kids. THEY HAVE NO RIGHT!

These our OUR kids...GOD's Kids...not property of the state. Jeannie was taken, even after a "NOT GUILTY" verdict! The state of AZ severed rights, and Jeannie as put up for adpotion. her two sister were left in the home, and a younger brother ALSO taken two years into the trail, was returned...but Jeannie is missing from this family.Visit our site... (Cut and paste)

There are literally hundreds of thousands of sites and stories...I feel this has become out of hand...American Families NEED help! /

We need legistlation to change the law to PROTECT OUR FAMILIES for these VULTURES that USE our kids to boost their strained budget! Yes, they get a financial incentive for each child taken! And guess where it comes from? TRY THE SOCIAL SECURITY FUND!
Carol Gell Crowley

Here is Lynn's story.

My story of how many lives have been forever changed, and can healing ever take place? By Valerie Lynn Hornsby 6/2002

I am a heartbroken mother writing this to you in hopes that ANYONE might learn do a about Brittle Bone Disease and the ordeal of my family. NO one seems to care. My friend Carol has written many star, major celebrity hosted shows, and prime time programs who give an automated answer...we had ONE hope with 48 hours...has not materialized...YOU can help us...I BEG you!! I am among the growing number of American Families who have endured a horrific nightmare as a result of CPS making decisions to remove children from homes and charge them with abuse. Their uneducated decision due to lack of knowledge on Brittle Bone Disease is drawing National attention. This case is historical because it is the first case in AZ to win a "Not Guilty" verdict with Brittle Bone Disease as the defense. It has possibly opened doors for other traumatized by CPS. Or has it?? Does anyone care???

My daughter Jeannie was two months old when our horrifying ordeal began back in June of 1995. She was taken from us because we couldn't explain where she received 7 fractures. (See Brittle Bone websites!!) We had taken her to the ER after a shampoo bottle fell on her shoulder in the bathroom. She had been a sickly baby, and her doctor told us to do this to help assist her breathing, as she was very congested. We were told of the shoulder fracture, but the ER kept information from us and called CPS. The other fractures were located in the long bones of her arms, legs, and also some in her ribs. We were informed the next day when the sheriff and CPS workers showed up. It was like a nightmare, these strangers coming to my home, talking about my baby’s safety, and then taking her from us. My two daughters, along with my husband, were mortified, shocked, and torn apart. CPS placed my baby in a home for abused children, Casa De Los Ninos. This is where a Dr noticed she had blue sclera in her eyes; the whites of her eyes were discolored. This is a sign of Brittle Bones.

She was tested for brittle bone disease. The test came out negative. This test has a 20% fail rate. UNDERSTAND this was all a shock to us...we had NO IDEA what would unfold!!! Dr Marvin Miller, at Dayton's children's hospital, stated she was too young for the test. Also kept from us, but later discovered, was that Jeannie got 5 additional fractures while in the care of CPS. She was given to my mother who ultimately could not handle the stress and fear of CPS and this sick child, so she went back in the system.

She was returned to us at 8 months old, and CPS did another set of-rays at 11 months, which -"Showed another fracture" in her wrist area. She was again removed from our home and we were charged with 10 counts or child abuse. These charges carried a 52-year sentence if we were found guilty. We blindly and naively believed that the truth would prevail. As the case progressed, CPS tried to get each of us to say the other did it. I even have a cousin in a wheel- chair who volunteered to lie and say he did it so they would return our precious baby. I could not live a lie and punish an innocent man. They even tried to get the girls to day they did it. At one point, they told me if I would leave and divorce Ron, my husband, they would give me Jeannie. I thought about it just to get her back, but I had faith that the truth would set us all free, and never believed that it would get so out of hand. Well, it did, and now Jeannie is gone forever.

I have two older girls who, by the grace of God, were not taken from us. Kristi, who was 12 when this started, and Kelli, who was 6 when this all started. They were horrified that they would lose their parents. They lived in fear that someone would "steal" them away too. Kristi clung to me, and watched me all the time. Kelli did the same to Ron. They were terrified. Kristi began failing school and became suicidal. Depression and horror affected our lives. I struggled to be strong for my children and husband.

We did win our criminal case, thanks to the extensive research of Alica Cata, my husband’s criminal attorney. She found Dr Colin Paterson, renowned brittle bone specialist at the University of Dundee in Scotland. He testified in our behalf and all indications led to the facts that she has this OI (Brittle Bone Disease!!)Alica also was the one who found that Jeannie received 5 more fracture while at Casa. This was never disclosed to anyone when she was returned to us. They kept it from us!!! WE HAD NO RIGHTS OR SAY about our baby!! The X-rays don't lie. CPS had many lies and cover-ups. The original X Rays were even later questioned by doctors that were NOT affiliated with CPS!!! They could NOT find the original fractures!!! The X-Rays that supposedly had additional fractures were later reviewed by Doctors who said they did not see them. We were never shown the X rays. Additionally, they never
informed me of medical decisions and other decisions affecting MY daughter. I feel certain that I still had rights as a parent, and an American citizen. This was even before the trial. What happened to innocent until proven guilty? Once found "Not Guilty" we are still treated as criminals, and on file on AZ as abusers! When will anyone help stop this insanity? How many more children will be taken, and is it because the government offers money as incentive to CPS to remove children? No one will give us answers.

I have to wonder if anyone even cares. Because I we are working class family who, like many Americans today, lives paycheck to paycheck, does that discount that I am an American who has feelings and emotions? Is our culture so willing just accept that this terrible thing happened, and turn their heads because it did not affect them? It's obvious that people who are wealthy have a different set of rules. It is not fair, but once again, I am helpless.

We also had a son, Brandon, while this was all going on, and he was taken from us at 31/2 weeks old. Due to "imminent danger" because of Jeannie’s alleged abuse. It was like a never-ending nightmare and we could not wake up to get away from it! Once again, we endured the unthinkable...letting these people take our child away. . I was nursing him when they came...A part of me again died forever that day.

My friend Carol Crowley, whom I have known and kept in contact with for over 20 years, had built a web site called "Save Jeannie" to help spread the word. She has e mailed every senator, written Bill Clinton when he was in office, Janet Reno, AZ Governor Hull, Senator John McCain. Hundreds of letters to Clinton were mailed from several different states. His reply was simply that it is not his jurisdiction. Basically, he could have cared less. Senator McCain’s office called Carol, but said that Governor Hull was the point of contact. The senator’s office also told us that IF we were found "Not Guilty" they could help...the fact is they never thought we would, since no other case was won with similar events, and they later said there was nothing they could do. Governor Hull has never replied to many E-mails or letters. We feel she is on the cover up. This ordeal took a heavy toll on our marriage. We had a domestic dispute where my husband was arrested. Crying, he ran to me about 12 feet to the front door to apologize. When that went to court, charges were dropped, but the same DA who was trying our abuse case told the Judge that a new law instated that year said that anyone running from the law had an automated 2-year sentence. It was outrageous...even the Judge told court attorney to go across the street and appeal that as he was obviously not running away from the police but to me. They took my husband to prison and the appeal dragged on. Once before the board of appeals, the vote of 13 was unanimous that he should not be there. It was then sent to Governor Hull, who took longer than the allotted time to review it, and refused to sign the release, holding him there. I wanted to die...I was forced by these crooked heartless people to live in sheer hell with NO ONE to help me.

At the time they were talking about severing our rights to Brandon as well. Thanks to Carol’s perseverance, her love for my family, and her convictions that we were not guilty, she made contact with 48hrs. The State was threatening me, saying I may be hurting my case with Brandon by doing this. They were very unhappy that Carol had been talking and told me I had no right to talk to her. I told them she was my friend, and would continue to be just that. 48hrs started asking questions. No show ever materialized from it (Yet) but Brandon was returned to me in May of 2000. He was 3 years old. I praise God for letting me have wonderful people in my life like Pat and Carol; they have both fought very hard for us. This is a travesty that is happening allover the United States. There’s no tangible way of stopping CPS but the people of American families need to be warned. It could happen to anyone, at any time. A simple accident, or a misunderstood disease...and CPS, being such a high turnover overloaded and uneducated department, will continue to steal our children even though more people are telling how they were treated this way. The states show that more children are abused or killed in FOSTER homes! Also that there is incentive to remove kids because the government allows money for the CPS offices for each child removed! Carol is now doing extensive research to write the book for our case, and tell America what has happened. all can hope is that Jeannie will one day get the answers that will cloud her every day as a child. One day she will know we never gave up.

I have trying to save the money to move to Alvin, Texas to be closer to Jeannie. Her counselors have all agreed that she desperately needs contact with us. The problem is that for the first time in my life, I have a decent job with benefits for my other three kids, and live in a DECENT home. I am torn at how I can just give that up and lose all that I have gained when three other kids need me too. My relationship with my step mom Pat has deteriorated to the point that she refuses to talk to me, let alone see Jeannie. It has been almost 9 months since I have talked to my daughter. I leave messages, send E-mails, sent birthday and Easter boxes...but there is no reply. Carol recently E mailed Pat to ask about why she refused to talk and told her how devastated we are, and how much we miss Jeannie. She blew up and claimed we stopped trying. That is not true.... I will never stop trying. Pat has been somewhat of a control freak, and when she gets a grudge, she never lets it go. I love her..I am thankful that she has Jeannie, but I need her too. She is my daughter. We are ALL Victims...and yes, Jeannie will pay the highest price. That does not discount the rest of us and what we have been through. I hate being helpless. I resent being treated like a no body. Of this is what America is about, it is a true sad state of affairs. I have no real resolution. I could try to move to Alvin Texas and work at Wal-Mart or a supermarket for little money, but how could I support my family that way? And then I would live under the scrutiny and control of Pat who has now made my daughter hate me, telling her I will never come. Even if I did come, Pat told me once she would give me back Jeannie and leave her to me when she dies, but later said that would not happen. She wants the money the state gives her every month for caring for a sick child, and she wants the control. I am in a dead end. I pray for a miracle. I am so lost and worn down.

This is why I plea to you to help me tell my story. If you have the power to help me tell it, or if you have the resources to help me and other, please do not ignore what you read today. If you have the ability to make a difference, use it. If you do nothing else, please pray for Jeannie.

Thank you.
Lynn and Ron Hornsby AZ
Carol Crowley (Friend/Supporter)

4. Justice for Carol Anne Kelly

Demands an inquiry into the murder of Carol Anne Kelly by security forces.