#Human Rights
Australian Government and Immigration

The Australian Government will not be accepting anymore African refugees until
July 2008. As stated by the United Nations High Commission for refugees,
Australia should be accepting refugees based on need for protection, not on
their ability to intergrate (or perceptions about their intergration) nor on the basis of religion, race or nationality.

Australia’s cut is working against our duty to demonstrate empathy, good will and patience. It is also contradicting the Human Rights Declaration which states that every person has a right to life, liberty and security. Africa needs our help - millions of people are stuck in refugee camps and our government is about to turn them away.

This petition is not just fighting for the rights of African refugees and the greater refugee community, but also fighting against the racial politics of our government. As worldly citizens we need to stand up for our people.

We, the undersigned, call on the Australian Government and Australian
Department of Immigration to continue to allow African refugees to enter our
country based on their need and right to to life, liberty and security.

We, the undersigned, also call on the Australian Government to act in a humane manner to our people and to uphold their humanitarian duty.

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