Chief Troy - Island Grille Little Creek Casino/Hotel
United States of America

The Dishwashing Plea:
Hello, my name is Heide Wisner, Future President of NASA. I was born in Las Vegas, Nevada. I have brown hair and green eyes. I am nineteen years old. These facts I can not change, but there are things in life that I can change. Persistence is the key. Let me get to the point. I want to be a dishwasher. I will not give up. I will not let go. Hear my voice, read my words, and realize that you and I can make this goal attainable. Chief Troy please give me a chance to prove that I am worthy of the honor to wash the dishes. If I am given this opportunity, I will take it and run like the wind. Give me the green flag, and prepare to be amazed and astonsihed. I am Heide Wisner. Future President of NASA, and I promise- I will not dissapoint you.

We the undersigned, herby petition that Heide Wisner should be allowed to wash dishes in the dish pit until her heart is fully content. We the undersigned also acknowledge that she is a female, and we believe that she should be given the equal opportunity to wash dishes along side the other stewards, as long as she is able to complete the job just the same as her fellow co-workers.

The Heide Wisner- Future Dishwasher petition to Chief Troy - Island Grille Little Creek Casino/Hotel was written by Eric Smith and is in the category Employment at GoPetition.