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Taylor Nation, LLC
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- Taylor Swift is a big sweetheart.
- I love sending love to others
- Let’s work to send my compliments to you, and her, to show how much of an angel I am!
- Taylor Swift, after seeing them, will hopefully send me a special message on social media. And, hopefully, be in awe about how beautiful of a person I am.
- Tay is an angel who helps her fans, makes them smile.
- She is a priceless diamond from heaven.

Let’s make Taylor Swift’s heart melt from my love and beautiful heart! The world knows Taylor Swift, the press knows her. What they don’t know, however, is that she is a beautiful sweetheart who is kind to others, including her fans. She is a priceless human with a beautiful soul. So am I, as you know, giving others messages of joy and love. I like the music that Swift wrote. I am also touched by her beautiful soul. The goal of this petition is to have 300 people sign this. That way, Taylor will be able to see the compliments I gave her, and the ones I wrote to you. She will, hopefully, see them, be touched by them, and send me a message on Youtube. Don’t just sign the petition, but include as many compliments that I wrote to you, and any thing I posted on social media that I wrote to her.

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