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1. Angel (Buffy the Vampire Slayer spin-off) Reboot

Angel is the spin-off of the well known Buffy the Vampire Slayer created by Joss Whedon. It ended in 2004 after 5 seasons.

The ending, although genius, was a huge cliffhanger leaving fans at the edge of their seats. Recently there have been many television revivals, with shows such as Full House and Gilmore Girls.

We think Whedon fans deserve one two, and Angel is the obvious choice!

2. Save Angel the albino dolphin from a lifetime of hell

Angel is a beautiful albino dolphin calf who once swam freely alongside her mother in the Pacific Ocean off Japan. But earlier this year, Angel was captured by dolphin hunters.

As she was dragged away in a net, she saw her mother and family being herded into a shallow cove, to be slaughtered in an unspeakably cruel way.

Tell local authorities to release Angel - and end the inhumane practice of dolphin hunting in Taiji for good.

Angel was taken to a local aquarium, the Taiji Whale Museum, where she is now a "freak" exhibit. She's confined in a tiny indoor tank. Eyewitnesses say she floats lifelessly, or swims in small distressed circles with her eyes often closed. With her mother dead, Angel has no one to help her except us.

Please ask the Taiji government, which owns the Whale Museum, to release Angel into a shaded sea pen. The Museum already has sea pens in a nearby natural lagoon so this is a feasible option. It will vastly improve Angel’s quality of life while options for her full release into the wild are pursued.

Please add your signature now, and make sure the Mayor hears your voice on behalf of Angel.

3. Angel Beats Season 2

Angel Beats is about a group of students who died, and go to school to be "human", while trying to defeat GOD. Along the way they meet a girl named Kanade who they believe to be an NPC/GOD, but come to realize she is just a normal girl.

4. Give the pit bulls a chance

To many dog lovers, donating to animal shelter is one of the best things that people can do to help our beloved canines.

Our big donations, as well as the spare change that we donate to some shelters, is being used to give animals food, possibly water, grooming, exercise equipment, toys and treats. It is also being used to pay vets, as well as dog trainers and other workers, and it is being used to pay for other things such as bedding, rescue missions...

And to kill pit bulls as soon as they arrive. Yes. You read that correctly. You may not believe it, but some of the so-called most dog-loving, animal-friendly people in the world are killing pit bulls solely because of their breed.

Pit bulls are one of the most misunderstood dogs in the world. Because of their "aggressive", "tough" and strong looks, and their trainability, pit bulls seem to attract the wrong crowd. People who want a big, tough dog to "improve" their own image get these dogs and then either do not train or socialise them properly or intentionally train them to be aggressive in order to make themselves look even tougher.

However, when a pit bull is trained, socialised and, to some extent, bred correctly, they can become very loyal, loving and affectionate dogs. In fact, did you know that pit bulls have worked as therapy dogs, search-and-rescue dogs, assistance dogs and even TV stars before? Petey, from "The Little Rascals", was a pit bull type. Do you really think that the parents of the kids that starred in the TV show would really want their children to be working alongside a dangerous, vicious dog?

In fact, even acts of heroism by pit bulls who have had little or even no special training are not unheard of. Angel the pit bull defended a mother and her child, saving them from a man who threatened them with a weapon. Weela the pit bull saved 30 people, 29 dogs, 13 horses and a cat from a flood and/or its aftermath. In fact, if you look up about this on the web, you will find dozens of other hero dog stories about pit bulls. I think that, rather than just killing pit bulls as soon as they arrive, you should at least give these dogs a chance first.

Next time a pit bull comes into your shelter, I urge you to actually pluck up the courage to go up and actually meet the dog and take them, on a leash, over to see other dogs before you make quick judgements about them based on their breed/type and urge you to do this. I promise that, unless, of course, the dog in question is obviously aggressive, you will not regret doing this...

5. Teen angel tv series on DVD

Teen Angel was made in 1997, which aired one series then was cancelled, its humor is corny humour that not everyone would enjoy, but it was enjoyed by a large amount of people myself included.

6. Bring back Dr. Goodman - Bones

Dr. Daniel Goodman was the head of the Jeffersonian in Bones for the first season. He went on sabbatical at the beginning of season 2 and didn't come back.

The sabbatical was supposed to last for 2 months, and has been going on for about 3 years now.

7. Buffy movies only with Joss Whedon!

I just read that Roy Lee and Doug Davison are about to create a new Buffy movie which has nothing to do with the original Series. But we all know that this fantastic series became that famous because of the genious hand of creator Joss Whedon.

And now they are about to destroy an absolute memorial. We cannot sit there and wait until they have eliminated one of the last few REALLY good and intelligent series around the globus!

So come together, buffy/angel-fans around the world and let's try to stop this nightmare before it begins!
There is no reason why we should sit and watch them destroying such a fantastic series!



We have the ability, as a society, to make a difference in people's lives. I believe that we can make it an American Tradition to donate to one Charity, or help someone in need, once a year.

I, therefore, ask that we set a precedence by establishing CHARITY DAY, November 3, every year. It is one more way to change this beautiful world of ours, in beauty and love, step by step, person by person, small donation by small donation. Kindness always gives Love physical wings.


9. boycott tvland air classic shows

Larry Jones has decided bring these four shows angel X files, girls gone wild these four shows don't belong on tvland they belong on hbo not tvland is supposed to be air classic shows from the 50s 60s 70s 80s shows like i love lucy andy griffith we dont need the x files angel or girls gone wild.

10. Stop the Hate

I am sure we have all heard of the horrific protests staged by the Topeka-based Westboro Baptist Church. They are the ones who have children holding signs at the funerals of war heroes that say such hateful things as "God Hates Fags".

At the trial of one of Matthew Sheppard's attackers a group of Matthews friends who call themselves "Angel Action" decided to do something about the hateful group. They dressed as Angels with huge wings and blocked the church protesters from view. They stood silently through the whole thing until the Westboro church members actually gave up and left.

They showed that these mean spirited biggots are no better than any other bully. I think we need to take a stand and show them that the same laws which protect their hate mongering also protect the rest of us.

11. HELP ! Let justice be served in the murder case of Ana Maria Angel

Your valuable signature is ESSENTIAL in helping me REMOVE Judge William Thomas from the murder case of my daughter.

My daughter, Ana Maria Angel was kidnapped, raped and brutally murdered.

Judge William Thomas has decided to throw 2 essential confessions away.

Sign this petition to ensure that justice is done in an impartial and fair trial.


On the 28th of April of 2002, my life was completely torn apart after my daughter Ana Maria Angel and her boyfriend Nelson Portobanco suffered a terrible assault. Ana Maria Angel was KIDNAPPED, ROBBED, RAPED and MURDERED by multiple assailants.

Nelson was left for dead after receiving numerous punches and stabs. He was stabbed in his back, throat and face with a knife. Fortunately, he survived.

Individuals accused of committing these heinous acts were detained and are awaiting trial.

After four long years of delays and legal maneuvers, the case has been assigned to Judge William Thomas to oversee Ana’s case. To my surprise, his attitude and decisions have demonstrated to us that he's a judge who, in our opinion, is still acting as a former defense attorney.

The judge lacks the necessary experience in criminal cases, especially since he is a new judge and has been working much of his life defending criminals.

We have decided to express these thoughts publicly in hopes that justice may not be undermined in the criminal trial.

Judge William Thomas' LIBERAL attitude and decisions so far may not see the best interests of justice served.

Judge William Thomas THREW OUT vital evidence, the confession of the alleged perpetrators. If the accused are freed in these circumstances, we face the risk that they will terrorize the lives of the daughters and sons of our community.,,,,,,

12. Bring Back Angel

This is a petition asking you to sign to save Angel!

The hugely successful, but suddenly cut off in its prime, spin off the Buffy the Vampire Slayer!

13. Readmission to Flor Angel Hernandez University

Petion about my readmission in the university this coming second semester, 2004-2005. I got dismissed in the curiculum of the university and I need a petition letter to be submitted to the university registrar.

In the process, I need this readmission so that I can enroll next semester in the university since this is only my way to finish my studies, especiallly as I am a fourth year student already and my family have no money to support me in my studies.

14. Touched by an Angel on dvd

Paramount Pictures was supposed to release Touched by an Angel season 1
on dvd some time in 2004, but I haven't heard anymore about it, if enough people that like the show sign, maybe they will release it.

15. Save Angel on WB

This petition is solely for the purpose of saving a well-known and well-loved tv show called "Angel"

16. Bring Back "Dark Angel"

This petition is to bring back "Dark Angel", It seems that Fox TV had a problem with a show that received good rating and had a loyal following. They took off "Dark Angel" and replaced it with an stupid space show that didn't last a full season. Dark Angel was a new and interesting change from the cookie cutter show that are on now. Bring back "Dark Angel".

17. Give Wishmaster 5 a decent budget

After 3 succesful straight to video sequels, give Wishmaster 5 a decent budget to compete with the likes of Jason & Freddy and keep Chris Angel as the director and no friggin angel subplots either!!!!!!

18. Let Killer Angel Back

This is a petition to let Patrick Murray, aka Killer Angel, back onto the computer/online.

19. Save Dark Angel

This petition is for all Dark Angel followers to help bring Dark Angel alive again. It never should have been cancelled and we will make sure that it is saved! I WANT TO C WHAT HAPPENS TO MAX!!!!!!!!!

20. Move Dark Angel Off Of Fridays In Canada And USA

For all Dark Angel Fans to have a better time and not losing interest from missing an episode of broken / wrecked tape.

21. Say "No" to Angel Studios

I thought sequals were supposed to get better, but worse. After what Angel Studions did to Midtown Madness 2 after they had an almost-perfect (or as close as anyone wanted) driving "sim", I dont want to see this happen again, do you?
If there will be a Midtown Madness 3 or another game like it made my Microsoft, I'd rather see it done by a better developer. Possibly by Terminal Reality or the same guys as Flight Sim.

22. Protect Televised Religion Shows ( Touched by an Angel etc.)

Athiest, Madeline Murray O'Hare, eliminated prayer and bible readings from public schools 15 years ago. Her organization has recieved a Federal hearing by the FCC (Federal Communications Commission)in Washington, DC. This petition, which includes 287,000 signatures, would start a new path to "destruction" for the rights of Christians. Her petition, #2493, is an effort to stop Gospel readings on the airwaves in the USA. If they win this petition, Christmas programs will be eliminated from television and radio. TV shows such as Touched by an Angel will have to cancel. Together, we can stop this from happening. We are hoping for one million signatures. If we do this, we can prove to Madeline Murray O'Hare and her organization that we Christians are still here and that we are not going to back down. Please sign our petition as a single person, not jointly. Stand up for your religious freedom. Together we can make the difference.

23. MSN Messanger Icons

No History. This is an idea that me and my friend thought of. I want to see a Devil & Angel Emotionicon in Msn Messanger plus i want them to add more emotionicons!