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1. Save ABC News Radio StarStuff program

The ABC News Radio program "Starstuff" has been an excellent and only Australian radio source of astronomy and science news and events for the past 8 years on radio and more recently via podcast.

Unfortunately the management of ABC News Radio canceled the show with just two weeks notice at the end of June. This came despite the considerable popularity and support for the show.

ABC news radio axed Star Stuff so the time slot could be used for a topic with less coverage which is, wait for it ....... sport????? Makes no sense.

To add insult to injury the presenter Stuart Gary has been "gagged" by ABC News Radio management from commenting.

Visit the ABC news radio website to download the podcasts of the program and you will see what we are fighting for.

Further actions are to write to the science and communications ministers and to ABC News Radio management.


It appears that all the effort people have been putting in has paid off, at least partly.

Starstuff has a new home and will be in the form of a weekly podcast.

Well done to the ABC for listening and finding a way for Starstuff continue and to have the opportunity to perhaps find it's way back to the airwaves.

While you are here please sign the petition particularly if you want the program to be broadcast on radio in addition to the podcast.


2. Help Reduce Worry of Scam

Many people have fallen to the hand of scamming over the years, and that is why many are so nervous about accepting charity or "free" stuff from others over the internet. I am here to create a place where people can look and see nothing but success or demise stories of trials over the internet.

3. Say No to Cheap (bad) Beer

WE BELIEVE in the age old tradition of beer drinking. As Benjamin Franklin once said, "beer is living proof that God loves us and wants us to be happy".

On the other hand, discount beer is proof that God also likes to mess with our minds every once in a while. WE RECOGNIZE that there is money to be made from the sale of discount beer and that not everyone can afford the good stuff. Oh sure... there are more noble causes that we could take up.

Yet, we cannot sit back and watch one more poor wretch walk out of the beer store trying to conceal the swill-in-box that some would pass off as beer. Besides, all the good causes are already taken. We are PiSSD that people are compelled to compromise their standards when it comes to beer and we are PiSSD that some brewers are taking advantage of the poor, the thirsty, the befuddled masses.

WE COMMIT ourselves, one bartender, one voice, one beer at a time - to make a better tasting world for everyone.

4. Bad stuff at Iams and Eukanuba

Iams/Eukanuba does research on animals for their products which may not sound bad, but they first spay female cats, and make them eat so much food and make them unhealthily fat. They then starve the cats to do research about weight loss.

They also do stuff to puppies. They inject toxins into the puppies bodies so their kidneys don't function as well. They then kill the puppies.
Take a stand against this inhumane treatment!!!

5. Bring Doug To Dvd

Bring doug to dvd or video.

We the kids would like it if you could bring nickolodeon's doug to dvd or video this was a unique cartoon with cool stuff and we would love it if you could bring it to dvd.

6. Harry Potter 'Summer School' -- throughout America!

I have been a long time Harry Potter fan, as have many others.

I know that Athens, Georgia, has a HP summer school, but there are some of us who just can't go to Georgia just for this, so there should be an HP summer school in every American state -- simply put, because HP fans just cannot go to one state for it all unless they make a Harry Potter convention, which is highly unlikely to happen.

And it isn't gonna be boring, either. It'll have fun stuff, not the same old-fashioned, boring Muggle summer school (who wants to do school twice?). This is an oppurtunity for all HP fans to make friends, learn, and have fun! Yes, we can throw some learning into this program as well. If this will not work, we can have a Harry Potter theme park instead. So, what do you want: the theme park, or the summer school fun?

Long live Harry Potter!! The fans can't just talk about it amongst themselves. Us anime fans have stuff to do like conventions, heck, disney has a whole theme park, why can't Harry potter?

Oh, by the way, I would prefer either of these be in america. Doesn't England already get all the Harry Potter stuff? So, who wants either of these two things to happen? I sure do!


Okay, so kids bop, that stupid cd that they sell to little kids where other kids are singing the other peoples' songs, well I want to stop it! It ruins these songs! For 1, neither my friends nor I want to listen to these songs after kids bop does them because we can't take the songs seriously anymore. 2) my friends and I are teens and we are the biggest buyers of this music kids bop is doing so when we stop listening to this music those artists whose songs kids bop is doing are losing money! thats not fair to them! 3) even these little kids don't want to listen to this stuff! my 6 year old cousin and her friends scream when their moms put kids bop on because they hate it!!! so sign this petition and maybe we can finally stop kids bop!

8. Time for a boycott at

For anyone who knows who jason Tate is, you probably know he owns, and it's going straight to the kids' head, and we need to stop this stuff before it gets out of hand.

9. Gift A Smile this Christmas - help the disadvantaged

Each holiday season Sophia my wife and I wanted to do many things to try and share the spirit of the season with needy families, children and abandoned elderly people we know of in our neighbourhood and at many other places. Sometimes we managed doing small things like organizing some old clothes, greeting cards, toys etc to be distributed.

10. Bring "The Real Ghostbusters" back to television!

Everyone remembers 'The Real Ghostbusters.' It was probably one of the most remembered and favored cartoons of the 80's next to Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. It has been years since the show was ever aired and I hope to bring back one of the best things about being a kid, SATURDAY MORNING CARTOONS! No one plays them anymore, and it's something we kids and teens need! And no more of this Japanese anime stuff, or this computer generated stuff. Bring back the traditional cartoons that kept us tuned in! Bring back the Real Ghostbusters!

11. Tank Girl DVD protest

A petition intended to persuade MGM to give us a Tank Girl DVD with the ton of cut footage put back and some extras.

Although they have now released a DVD due to us we are now petitioning to get a special edition released with the cut footage back in its place and some extra documentrys and stuff which we know exsists!

The Girl you want!