Green Day

Green Day are one of the greatest and most well-loved punk rock bands in the world today. It was recently announced that they will be returning to Australia to play two concerts - one in Sydney and one in Melbourne.

After putting on a fantastic and absolutely rockin` show in Perth (Western Australia) @ Rock It in March this year I had seriously hoped that they would once again grace us with their presence - but it seems that this is not to be.

Well I say NO WAY!! Do they not realise how much us Perthies would love to see them back on our sunny western shores?!? So yeh, I've decided to do something about it and I really think that you guys will be able to help me out! I really do believe (and hope from the bottom of my heart!) that Green Day will come back to Perth to put on another VERY LOUD and VERY ROCKIN` show for all of their many and dedicated fans in Perth.

With your help we might even make it so...(Even if I have to drive over to Melbourne to pick the band up myself!)

Green Day - This is a very clear message from all of your passionate, dedicated and rockin` fans in Perth, Western Australia...

WE SERIOUSLY WANT YOU TO COME BACK AND PLAY IN PERTH!!! Please Billie Joe...Please Tre Cool...Please Mike...Please guys...Come back to Perth and give all us Perthies what we have REALLY been waiting for ALL year - a fanatastic and loud and crazy and rockin` concert!!! You won't regret it!

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