Our earth is going in the big danger of global warming every second.

We have time to watch cinemas, for shopping, party and etc. but don’t you have time for saving our earth?

You just have to do some things like planting more trees, saving trees from being cut, use cycles for reducing pollution, reduce use of air conditioner, use eco-friendly things, reduce use of plastic bags and plastic items, make less use of petrol.

I think every nation should make every citizen of their nation to plant at least 30 plants every year and each plot, bungalow, apartment should have at least 6 big trees, also the roads should have trees by both the sides and between roads.

Your small role can help the earth! Don’t be selfish, if you will do this, you will help the next generations to live a good life and if you think this is wasting of time then just imagine the future of earth and you are burning in the hot summer!

Just leave your reply and your next steps about saving earth as a form of a signature.

Thank you so much!


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