#Children's Rights
Barack Obama

Vincent M. Libweshya is raising awareness across the globe to provide support for victims of child abuse and to help prevent incidents from occurring by educating the masses.

It is our social responsibility to Prevent Child Abuse by Raising Awareness and Educating Both Children and Adults.

Libweshya Aims To Help Prevent Child Abuse (Physical, Emotional (verbal, Sexual & Neglect), by having schools educating children on abuse in a child friendly manner.

Libweshya Aims To Help Prevent Child Abuse (Physical, Emotional, Verbal, Sexual & Neglect), by educating child related professionals such as Teachers, Day care professionals, After school programs, etc. on child abuse signs.

Libweshya Aims To Prevent Child Abuse (Physical, Emotional, Verbal, Sexual & Neglect), by educating Communities about child abuse, proper & improper discipline and by providing tools and resources to assist with ensuring these resources are available.

Libweshya urges all parents as well as youth to sign this petition and to remember that we all have a duty to speak up & do the right thing for those children who are being victimized.

We the undersigned call Barack Obama, the 44th president of the U.S.A. to lend his voice to the fight against Child Abuse.

We respectfully request your presence in addressing issues that continue to allow child abuse to continue, and we ask for your co-operation in helping find a resolution to a crime that has and continues to affect millions across the globe.

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