City University
United Kingdom

City University has closed the prayer room that the Muslim students have been using for over a decade now and intend to move the Muslim students to a Multi-Faith prayer room located in the basement of the main building. (next to the kitchens)

The problems are the following:-
- Room is far too small compared to the current room
- Room is a multi-faith prayer room which Muslims cannot pray in as other gods are worshiped in the same room.
- The washing facilities are inadequate to cater for the needs of a Muslim which are essential before the prayer.
- Booking of the room must be done prior the use which clearly limits the time and duration of the prayer.
- It is a violation of the Human Rights Act 1998 in particular to the right to freedom of religion

We, the undersigned, call on City University to abandon the Multi-Faith prayer room as it is deemed inadequate to provide the needs of the Muslim students at the University.

It is too small and not properly equipped with the basic needs in order to perform the prayer. The solution is to either re-establish the Muslim Prayer Rooms in the Gloucester Building which currently meet all of these requirements, and other needs of a Muslim place of worship, such as privacy.

OR be prepared and able to provide a SIMILAR or BETTER place of worship compared to the current one.
It is important to note that the current prayer rooms are being held empty and unused. It is not efficient and it is in our best interest to go back to the old prayer rooms.

Thank you.

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