Pledis ent.

So as you know, Pristin is a great group which hasn't had a comeback for more than 2 years. The company managing them, Pledis entertainment, is known for his terrible use of groups. It's time to change that. The girls are insanely talented, and deserve to be happy. Another issue is one of the member's Kyla's situation. She's currently working in US at a regular job. Xiyeon, another one of the members, graduated from School of Performing Arts (also known as SOPA), but unlike other idols who have graduated, she was treated poorly. Please support this petition, so we can stop further misunderstanding between the fandoms and the company.

In this petition we're demanding Pledis to
1. Give Pristin 2 comebacks this year
2. Handle the rumours of leaving members
3. Shut down the hate towards Kyla
4. Give the girls salary, because they deserve it

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