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Training for counselors and students could be pricey and we’ve all have been stressed at one point, and of course we all know students manage a lot of stress during the school year. Especially college students with homework, projects, tests and work. It is all very difficult to deal with.
Education week states only 17% of elementary students turn in assignments are at grade level. We could drastically increase
Any test we ever have to take acquires lots of stress, test scores actually decrease with high levels of stress according to the Journal of College Counseling.
Feeling homesick is also something students living on campus encounter, while this is something that may not affect you directly, many students do face this. Being homesick and stressed is a hard way to succeed in classes.
Realistically speaking, students never get counseling or do anything about the issues being presented.

I support the use of therapy dogs in every school and understand they are nothing but beneficial for the youth. I stand on the side of getting therapy dogs in every educational facility. They will bring nothing but good to society.

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