The role playing boards at Neopets.com have been sort of a home to a lot of people, hundreds, perhaps even thousands. I myself started role playing there around November of 2000. Over the years the boards haven't changed very much, just a change of color here and there, the biggest change probably being neoHTML, until August 5th, 2003.

The board-bumping system is the system in which boards with the newest posts are listed first, instead of the newest boards being first. This is bad for those of us who put time and effort into our posts. It also makes it near impossible to start a new role play, as boards with no new posts are almost automatically flushed out, or are very difficult to find among the moving boards.

This system of listing has driven away both role players and annoyers alike.

So, therefore, I have made this petition for all those in favor to be rid of this system to sign. Who knows, perhaps if we get enough signatures, The Neopets Team will decide to go back to the old system of newest boards first, no matter how new the posts on the boards are.

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