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• Who we are, and what we're doing:

Georgia Energizing Liberty is a coalition of individuals who want to produce a large liberty event in 2014 in Georgia with Dr. Ron Paul as the featured speaker.

• When and where?

This event will be on a Saturday in April in the metro-Atlanta region. We expect to draw a crowd from all over Georgia, as well as its bordering states.

• Why?

In addition to Ron Paul, this event will include national and local leaders of the liberty movement. It will serve to energize the liberty base, attract new people to our movement, share our message of freedom, and help liberty-minded candidates raise money and awareness. It will provide a forum to have liberty-focused panels and discussion. It will also put on notice those who do not vote to uphold the Constitution, fight for our liberty and freedom, and ignore our fiscal responsibilities and small government ideals.

• Where does the money come from and go?

The ticket price will simply cover the costs of the event itself. To keep the ticket price low (at or under $25), we are also pursuing sponsorships, donations, and merchandizing. Without these ticket prices would be at or above $75. We feel that a ticket price of at or under $25 is the max we would like to charge, if at all possible.

• Why should I sign this petition?

The results of this petition will allow us to determine the interest level of such an event and to estimate the needed venue size. Those who sign this petition will be added to the list of invitees via e-mail, and will thus have a first opportunity to purchase tickets when they go on sale. Depending on the venue size, it is very possible that this event could sell out.

• We are very excited, and hope that enough people will sign this petition to warrant us continuing with this event! If you want to be a sponsor or donate, please put a note in the comments and we will contact you.

If you are willing to pay up to $25.00 to attend this event, please sign this petition.

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