#Neighborhood Living
Saskatoon's City Council

In 2003 the Public School Board along with the Catholic School Board decided not to build schools in Briarwood. The land that tho schools were to be built on is owned by three groups; Boychuck Construction (60%), Northridge (10%) and the City of Saskatoon (30%).

The land was rezoned for single family dwellings and the developers would like to proceed with the building of such houses. The builders presented the community with a plan to build 44 dwellings in the above mentioned sites.

The residents of Briarwood feel deceived by the decision not to build a school, since the purchase of their homes was based on the assumption that a school would be placed in these lots. The residents that own lots adjacent to the school sites paid a premium for their lots that is not equitable to what residents who neighbor other developed areas paid.

The builders will profit from the development of these sites, the City will profit not onlyl from the sale, but from the property taxes generated by this lots and the residents of Briarwood will lose the green space that a school yard would have provided our community.

We, the undersigned, call on the City Council to stop any development of housing in the land in question.

We call on the City Council to review their decision of zoning this area as single family dwellings and to rezone it as green space.

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