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The People of West Maui
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Origins/End Result —Halloween grew (in the 70’s) from a couple of costume parties, at local bars after revelers spilled out onto Front Street. More and more came over the years, eventually an amazing 20,000 annually.

Getting Organized — In 1980, The LahainaTown Action Committee (LAC) stepped and supplied port-a-potties, got a permit, closed the street, worked cooperatively with police, sponsored a costume party, and until recent years, ran a tight ship.

Local Businesses Prospered — Enjoying one of their biggest nights of the year, eateries used the extra revenue to tide them over during weak Novembers until the return of holiday visitors. Merchants thought they had a field of dreams: October 31, and they will come.

Halloween Challenged — A group of Native Hawaiians in 2006 challenged LAC sponsorship, saying they objected to parking problems, costumes interpreted as lewd and an alleged increase in crime. In 2008, the Cultural Resources Commission bought the “inappropriate to the culture argument” and denied a street-closing permit for prime time. As a result there was less Sensation for a Front Street Lahaina Halloween. This year there are no planned events and the LAC has pulled their permit.

We, the undersigned, support a Front Street Lahaina Halloween.

This is an annual event celebrated in Lahaina for over 30 years It unites residents and visitors in a Halloween celebration. Continuing this event provides a significant economic boost for Lahaina Town and Front Street businesses, along with a significant boost for Ka’anapali hotels and area businesses.

The purpose of this petition is to; rally the community, obtain a new permit; build bridges with those who oppose Halloween; turn it into a fund-raising event and contribute any profits to benefit Hawaiian culture on Front Street, where King Kamehameha III once lived.

We believe, that if we can make this happen then everybody wins: Hawaiian causes, the county, the merchants, workers (more tips for busy waitresses and waiters), Maui Visitors Bureau and the many fans of Lahaina and of Halloween.

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