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Government of Kenya

Although the new Constitution stripped the president’s power to dissolve Parliament, and therefore cause new general elections, the new Constitution clearly fixed the date for the general elections for Members of Parliament, to be “on the second Tuesday in August in every fifth year.”

This date is mandatory and automatic under Article 101 of the constitution. Members of the 10th Parliament were elected—and I always use the term sparingly, given some were obviously rigged in, on December 27, 2007. The members were sworn in on that cantankerous 15th day of January, 2008, which means, the next Parliamentary elections must be on August 14, 2012, under Article 101 of the constitution (second Tuesday in August of the 5th year), counting from the date of election, not the date of swearing in.

This is the only interpretation that makes sense and, even though one other might (holding the first elections under the new Constitution in December 2012), all others must be viewed with great suspicion as mischief must be lurking underneath.
-Samuel Omwenga, lawyer and political analyst in the US

We, The citizens of The Republic Kenya, call on the President to dissolve parliament and allow for fresh elections.

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