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Petition of the Vietnamese people around the world

We are the Vietnamese people around the world, we are please asking for your help for the release of Nguyen Thi Bao Phuong.

Several days ago the police of Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam arrested a woman named Nguyen Thi Bao Phuong. She and her friend went to the second office of the Legislature of Vietnam at the address of 194 Hoang Van Thu; Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. They went there to be a part of the approximately 1,000 people protesting the Government of Vietnam taking away people’s homes and their land illegally.

As of today the protest has lasted about 23 days. Nguyen Thi Bao Phuong wants to write a report. She went to a place where she could post a report online. As she began to go online with her nickname, “Tham Mong,” there were nine people who were believed to be police officers, who looked to arrest her, and her friend at the place.

Her friend is La Que Lan. The police have released her, but Nguyen Thi Bao Phuong has not yet been released. The police of Ho Chi Minh City have told her that she has to write a report admitting her crime. She was told that she would have five days to think about it. If she pleaded guilty than she would be released and put on probation for one year. If she did not plead guilty after five days, she would not be released, and she would be put in a small cell in the police building of Ho Chi Minh City. Then she would be brought to trial.

Nguyen Thi Bao Phuong often goes on to the Paltalk program. She logs into the group named “Dien Dan TuDo Cua Nguoi Dan Vietnam.” It translates to the Freedom Forum for the Vietnamese people. She often talks about the Vietnamese people not having their human rights. They do not have freedom of speech and religion.

When the police of Ho Chi Minh City questioned her for information, a high ranking officer slapped her. Her father is working, and he was fired from his job. Her father was in the former army of South Vietnam. Everyday about 20 people who work for the police ask her a lot of questions. People in Vietnam do not have human rights. On behalf of our community I would like to ask the three of you to contact the government of Vietnam, to ask for the release of Nguyen Thi Bao Phuong immediately, as well as not allowing for her to be harmed in anyway during the time she is in the custody of the police.

I would like to inform you three that 1,000 Vietnamese people are protesting right now in front of the second office of the Legislature in Vietnam. Please state that the protestors can not be harmed in anyway.

The government of Vietnam needs to resolve this.

Thank you

The Undersigned,

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