#Animal Welfare
Devon and Cornwall Constabulary
United Kingdom

Porro is a beautiful friendly placid dog whom has been seized by Newquay police for allegedly nipping a PCSO of which no evidence has been seen, their were witnesses to this alleged incident whom also state their was no such occurrence. I have rung 101 every day to enquire as to my dogs welfare the response I get is "the officer in question will call you and update you" this is all the information I get. Today when I rang they informed me the officer is now on rest day's so will not be back until the 9th August which will take us to nearly 2 weeks of my dog being in kennels somewhere. Porro has never bitten anyone and has never shown signs of aggression to anyone. I am concerned that this will go to court without me being notified which then means I cannot present my evidence to protect my dog from being put to sleep......

We the undersigned request that Devon and Cornwall Constabulary (Inspector Meredith. Newquay police station) release Porro from where he is being held until such time that evidence is collected from both parties and then to commence with a court hearing if necessary and to prevent any further distress to Porro.

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