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2011 is the year of revolutions. The year of the people. The world is uniting against oppression. South Sudan got their independence and other countries are getting rid of their dictators this year.

Now more than ever, is the perfect time to get rid of the dictator Meles Zenawi and grant true independence and freedom for the Ogaden. We cannot let this year pass us without having Justice for the Ogaden region. Let us free the Ogaden in 2011 too.

From January 9-15 2011, people from South Sudan voted on whether they should break away from Sudan and declare independence. On 30 January 2011, the results had shown that 98.83% of the population had voted for independence from Sudan. So they were granted independence.

It is time to let the people of Ogaden vote and decide if they want to break away from Ethiopia and declare independence too.The people of the Ogaden deserve to decide and vote peacefully for their freedom and true independence. Sign this petition if you think a referendum on independence for the Ogaden should be scheduled to be held sometime in 2011 too.

"It always seems impossible until it is done. " - Mr. Nelson Mandela


Please stop the genocide and Free the Ogaden.

Ethiopia is the only country left illegally colonizing the Ogaden region. The people in the Ogaden have been waging an armed struggle with successive Ethiopian regimes over the last century to achieve self determination and peace.

The Ogaden is twice the size of England and Wales together with a population of about eight million. Most of the population is in crises of hunger and diseases created by the Ethiopian Government to get the financial help from the international community to attack it's neighboring countries and their freedom fighters.

The region was annexed by Ethiopia in 1891. Then it was occupied by the British who returned to the Ethiopia in 1948 without consent of its people who are the rightful owners. From that day, the struggle started alongside the cruel oppression of the Ethiopian Government.

The Ethiopian Authority is currently committing genocide against the people in the Ogaden Region acceded to UN convention against Torture, Rape and Cruelty towards humans or degrading treatment or punishment, which is also against UN convention of 1949.So far, Ethiopia managed to keep the international community in the dark about its grave human rights violations in the Ogaden by misleading it and it intends to do so in the future.

The Ogaden Region presents one of the most consistent cases of human rights violations in the world. Not only the rights that are essential for the maintenance of human dignity, such as culture, economic, social and political rights are denied, but the very basic rights of life and liberty which the majority of mankind takes them for granted are infringed. The people in the Ogaden are constantly terrorized, abducted, detained, displaced, their properties are confiscated or destroyed and their land is mined by the forces of the Ethiopian government.

The main problem is that there is a lack of news in the Ogaden region. Journalists, camera crews and any sort of media are never allowed to cover anything in the area of Ogaden region. Except since the famine crises started in Ogaden region which was to their benefit because they are getting millions of aid from the international community to feed its oversized military and to ease its financial crises. In the meantime, the poor people in the Ogaden have to suffer. The international donor’s funds are apparently being misused by the Ethiopian government to feed its military and to harass the people in the Ogaden.

This is a reverse of the good intentions of the western tax payers who mean to help the famine effected people in the Ogaden but not to kill. Therefore, we wish to condemn these evil actions in the strongest terms possible and further use those responsible to refrain from such cruel actions without any conditions and instead use to provide the available resource to the daily needed basic requirements for the people of the Ogaden region.

Like South Sudan, the only solution to stopping the genocide and to an everlasting peace is to give the people of the Ogaden a referendum on independence as well. Let the people vote peacefully and decide if they want to declare independence. We believe the people in the Ogaden deserve this chance too.

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