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United Nations and Government and International Organizations Ban Ki-moon

Father of Iranian martyr Ramin Ramezani, who was killed On June 11, 2009, during the post-election protests has been arrested on 7 Dec 2010 after visiting his son's gravesite.

In the one and a half years after his son’s death, his father who has not been without sorrow even for a day has now been arrested and jailed. This is the first time that the father of a slain protester is arrested and jailed.

On 25 Dec 2010 Mehdi Ramezani contacted his family and told them that authorities has issued 200 million toman ($200.000) bail for his release. Mr Ramezani's family have told the reporters they are unable to provide such amount bail for his release.

The human rights violations carried out by the Iranian regime cannot be allowed to continue.

Please do not stand by. Please sign this petition

We, the undersigned, demand the immediate release of Mr Mehdi Ramezani without any condition.
Mehdi Ramezani is innocent, Islamic republic of iran must free Mr ramezani without any bail.

Islamic Republic of Iran is responsible for death of hundreds of post-election victims, Iranian Authorities have no right to arrest mourning families by doing this they are violating human right law.

The Iranian government must abide by the Charter of Human Rights by the United Nation, in which Iran is a member state.

We request from the UN Secretary General, the UN High Commissioner for Human Rights, and the UN Special Rapporteur on extra-judicial executions to submit the file for Iran's crimes against humanity to the UN Security Council to decide on the necessary actions that need to be taken.

Please Help Free Mehdi Ramezani.

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