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1. Free Iranian War Veteran and Green Movement Activist Behzad Arabgol

UPDATE: WEDNESDAY, APRIL 30, 2014 -- On April 17, which has come to be known as "Black Thursday" jailers viciously beat Iranian prisoners of conscience held in Ward 350 of the infamous Evin Prison. Many required hospitalization as a consequence. Immediately, several prisoners of conscience launched a hunger strike, including Behzad Arabgol. IT IS NOW REPORTED THAT BEHZAD ARABGOL, WHO IS BEING HELD IN SOLITARY CONFINMENT, IS ON A DRY HUNGER STRIKE TO PROTEST THE BRUTAL SAVAGERY OF THE REVOLUTIONARY GUARDS.


Committee of Human Rights Reporters - Behzad Arabgol, war veteran, presidential campaign activist and Ashura detainee, was transferred to Evin prison today April 30th, to serve his 4-year prison sentence.

According to CHRR, this Green movement activist and Iran-Iraq war veteran who still carries shrapnel in his body from the war, was arrested during the Ashura protests following the disputed presidential elections in 2009, and endured 6 months behind bars in Evin prison under difficult conditions and harsh interrogations.

This Green activist who has never used his veteran's benefits, was handed a 6-year prison sentence by the notoriouis Judge Salavati presiding over Branch 15 of the Revolutionary Court: five years on the charge of “illegal gathering,” and one year on the charge of “mutiny.” The sentence was later commuted to a total of 4 years in prison by the court of appeals.

Following several intimidating visits by agents to his home, in March 2010 Behzad Arabgol presented himself at the Ministry of Intelligence in order to spare his family from further harassment. He was held in solitary confinement at Evin prison for extended periods of time and faced intense interrogations before being released on 100 million Tomans bail on July 7, 2010.

Behzad Arabgol is a father to a 4.5-year old and a 7-year old, and supported his family through his job as a construction worker.

2. نامه سرگشاده: در خواست برای آزادی موسوی ، کروبی، و همسران آنها | Open Letter Calling for the Release of Mir Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi & Their Spouses

کمپین اعتراض سبز در راستای دفاع از خواست عمومی مردم ایران پیرامون آزادی یاران همیشگی جنبش سبز و با همکاری جمعی از هموطنان، در مرداد ماه ۱۳۹۰ اقدام به راه اندازی کارزاری برای شکست حصر غیر قانونی اقایان میر حسین موسوی و مهدی کروبی و خانم ها زهرا رهنورد و فاطمه کروبی نموده است. در گام اول این کارزار، نامه ای اعتراضی از سوی این کمپین تهیه و تنظیم شده است که پس از جمع اوری امضای ایرانیان در سراسر دنیا، به مراجع حقوقی و دیپلماتیک زیر ارسال خواهد شد.

۱- دبیرکل سازمان ملل
۲- سفیران کشورها در سازمان ملل
۳- کمیسر عالی حقوق بشر سازمان ملل
۴- گزارشگر ویژه حقوق بشر در ایران
۵- وزرای امور خارجه کشورهای مختلف
۶- هیات روابط پارلمان اروپا با ایران
۷- اعضای شورای امنیت
۸- مسئول سیاست خارجی اتحادیه اروپا
۹- سازمان کشورهای اسلامی OIC
۱۰- کمیته حمایت از ناپدید شدگان قهری سازمان ملل متحد
۱۱- اتحادیه بین‌ المجالس

این نامه که تا به امروز به امضای بیش از ۲۸۰ شخصیت سیاسی، فرهنگی، هنری و اجتماعی و همچنین ۲۱ گروه و تشکل حقوق بشری رسیده است، تا تاریخ دهم سپتامبر ۲۰۱۱ برای کسب امضای علاقمندان در دسترس عموم خواهد بود و پس از آن کمپین اعتراض سبز نهایت تلاش خود را بکار خواهد بست و از تمام ظرفیت های بین المللی و حقوقی ممکن در این مسیر استفاده خواهد کرد تا از طرق مختلف پیگر مطالبات مطرح شده در نامه اعتراضی باشد.

شما نیز می توانید با امضای خود گامی مثبت در جهت شکست حصر یاران جنبش سبز بردارید.


The Green Protest Campaign together with a group of Iranians are launching a Campaign in August 2011, in line with the Iranian public’s demand calling to end the illegal detention of the Companions of the Green Movement: Mir Hossein Mousavi, Mehdi Karroubi, Zahra Rahnavard and Fatemeh Karroubi. As an initial step of this campaign, a petition has been prepared to obtain signatures from people across the world, addressed to the following officials and international bodies:

1- UN Secretary-General
2- State Ambassadors at the UN
3- United Nations High Commissioner for Human Rights (OHCHR)
4- United Nations Special Rapporteur for Human Rights in Iran
5- Ministers of Foreign Affairs
6- EU Inter-parliamentary delegation for relations with Iran
7- UN Security Council
8- High Representative of the European Union for Foreign Affairs and Security Policy
9- Organization of Islamic Cooperation
10 – United Nations Human Rights Committee on Enforced Disappearance
11- Inter-Parliamentary Union

The petition has so far has been signed by over 280 political as well as social and cultural figures, in addition to 21 Human Rights groups and organizations. The petition is hereby available until September 10, 2011 to entice general public’s support so as to obtain further signatures. The Green Protest Campaign will subsequently present the petition to all relevant bodies and organizations, utilizing all means available within the international legal framework to pursue the demands of the petition.

You can take a positive step towards ending the illegal detention of the Green Movement Companions, by signing this petition.

3. Free Iranian Blogger Sakhi Rigi, Sentenced To 20 Years In Prison

Sakhi Rigi, a blogger and a member of Mir-Hossein Mousavi’s Campaign Staff, has been sentenced to twenty years in prison by the Revolutionary Court in Zahedan [Sistan and Baluchistan Province].

According to a report by Human Rights Activists News Agency (HRANA), Sakhi Rigi has been exiled to the city of Ahvaz [in Khuzestan Province] to serve his sentence in Karon Prison. Sakhi Rigi is a civil rights activist who was arrested during presidential elections in 2009. On June 18, 2009, while he was driving his car, Sakhi Rigi was stopped on Zahedan University St. by the security forces and subsequently detained.

While he was in the custody of Iran’s Intelligence Agency in Zahedan, Sakhi Rigi endured seven months in solitary confinement and was charged with acting against national security and propaganda against the regime. Three months ago, Sakhi Rigi was transferred to Karon Prison to begin serving his twenty year term.

Sakhi Rigi is a 31 year old college student who was studying software development before being arrested and had only two terms left before graduating. It is not clear what other charges have been filed against him to justify issuing such a heavy sentence for this college student. However, it has been said that his blog postings were considered a crime and a threat to national security.

4. Free Ghorban Behzadian Nejad

On Monday, May 24, 2011 Security agents summoned Ghorban Ali Behzadian Nejad and returned this university professor back to Evin Prison. He had served as the head of Mir Hossein Mousavi's presidential campaign in 2009.

According to Kalame, Behzadian Nejad had been arrested during the events following the contested presidential election results. He was released on bail after several months of enduring solitary confinement in prison. He was subsequently sentenced to 5 years imprisonment. During this time, this university professor who served as adviser to Mir Hossein Mousavi was deprived of his position in the university and suspended of all academic activities.

Dr. Ghorban Behzadian Nejad served as a PhD professor of Microbiology at the Tarbiat Modares University (Teacher’s Training School). He is a scholar who has also contributed to a multitude of cultural activities. Among his previous positions, he served as Deputy Minister of Health, Treatment and Medical Education under the presidency of Mohammad Khatami. He also served as adviser to the Minister of Health for electing presidents of medical universities.

His return to prison came just one day after former president Mohammad Khatami urged the Islamic Republic establishment to move toward a national reconciliation by releasing all political prisoners. Several of Mousavi’s senior aides in the election of 2009 have been arrested and given harsh prison sentences for the charge of acting against national security by alleging fraud in the elections.

5. Please Turn Google Green for 25 Bahman!

Article 20 of The Universal Declaration of Human Rights, of which the nation of Iran is a sponsor and co-signatory, and Article 27 of the Iranian Constitution, to which the government of Iran is bound by law, each provide for peaceful freedom of assembly by unarmed protesters as a basic human right to freely speak and express themselves in an open and unrestricted public forum.

طبق ماده ۲۰ اعلامیه جهانی حقوق بشر، که کشور ایران حامی و امضا،کننده آن میباشد و ماده 27 از قانون اساسی ایران، که دولت ایران طبق قانون موظف به اجرای آن است، آزادی تجمع مسالمت آمیز را توسط معترضان غیر مسلح به عنوان یک حق اساسی انسانی فراهم نموده تا آزادانه کلام خود را در انجمن های عمومی بصورت باز و نامحدود بیان کنند.

6. Free Mehdi Ramezani Father of Martyr Ramin Ramezani

Father of Iranian martyr Ramin Ramezani, who was killed On June 11, 2009, during the post-election protests has been arrested on 7 Dec 2010 after visiting his son's gravesite.

In the one and a half years after his son’s death, his father who has not been without sorrow even for a day has now been arrested and jailed. This is the first time that the father of a slain protester is arrested and jailed.

On 25 Dec 2010 Mehdi Ramezani contacted his family and told them that authorities has issued 200 million toman ($200.000) bail for his release. Mr Ramezani's family have told the reporters they are unable to provide such amount bail for his release.

The human rights violations carried out by the Iranian regime cannot be allowed to continue.

Please do not stand by. Please sign this petition

7. Stop the execution of Naser Abdolhosseini in Iran!




Naser Abdolhosseini is 22 years old and, according to his family, does not have a political history. He comes from a working class family from southern Tehran and was self employed prior to his arrest. On Saturday- Oct 10, 2009, the public relations office of the Tehran justice department announced that Abdolhosseini has been sentenced to death.

In an interview with his brothers Mojtaba and Nader, they say their brother was deceived into making false confessions.

Mojtaba said: "My brother was told that if he made [false] televised confessions, his sentence would be reduced. They told him televised confessions would reduce his prison term and he would be released before the end of his term. They deceived him into making televised confessions, but contrary to what he was promised, they sentenced him to death. They took advantage of Naser and played with his life."

"The phone conversation recording that was introduced as evidence during the hearing is a forged tape. My brother never had a phone conversation or contact with the person (Zohreh) on the recording. This is not true at all. In the recording that was broadcasted by the IRIB, Zohreh asks my brother to cause arson by using a Molotov cocktail. My brother can’t even pronounce the word Molotov cocktail. During the hearing he mispronounced the word. Tell me how could have he been involved in doing such things?"

Naser Abdolhosseini has been accused of having ties to the Mojahedin-e-Khalgh organization (MKO), something that both his brothers deny.

"My brother was arrested on June 26th. We used to work together as salesmen. Our job was to sell auto parts in other cities. Naser has no history of political activity. He had never been arrested before.”

Nader, Naser’s other brother added:

“When they arrested my brother they did not show us any incriminating evidence. They did not have any evidence against him and could not find any when they searched the house. My brother does not even have a high school diploma. He does not own a computer or an email address. How could he have sent information outside Iran as it is alleged? My brother comes from a working class family in southern Tehran. Nobody in our family or among our relatives has ever been involved in politics.”

Naser Abdolhosseini, who was tried for taking part in post election riots, has been found guilty of the charge and was sentenced to death. However, he was not in Tehran at the time of the protests and was doing his job in another city. His brother, Nader, talked about his brother’s involvement in the post election protests:

“The allegations that my brother took part in the protest are completely unfounded. Prior to his arrest on June 26th, he had been doing his job as an auto parts salesman in the southern city of Bushehr. The night they came to arrest him, he had just returned from his business trip and was so tired that he had not even changed.”

The two brothers have a lot of objections to the trial and the way the court appointed lawyer handled their brother’s case. Mojtaba said:

“During the trial the court appointed lawyer did not defend my brother. He has only contacted my brother twice and has done nothing for his case."

Source: HRA-IRAN

Persian version below. فارسی

برادران ناصرعبدالحسینی: سو استفاده از برادر بیگناهمان منجر به صدور حکم اعدام شد

ناصر عبدالحسینی از بازداشت‌شده‌گان حوادث بعد از انتخابات و معترفان در دادگاه‌‌های نمایشی است که روز شنبه حکم اعدام در مورد وی توسط روابط عمومی دادگستری استان تهران اعلام شد.

ناصر عبدالحسینی جوانی است 22 ساله که به گفته‌ی خانواده‌ی خود هیچ سابقه و فعالیت سیاسی نداشته است. وی از یک خانواده‌ی جنوب شهری تهران است که شغل آزاد دارد؛ درباره‌ی حکم اعدام وی و چه‌گونه‌گی این اعدام با دو برادر وی به نام‌های مجتبی و نادر عبدالحسینی به گفت‌وگو نشستم که در ادامه می‌خوانید.

از مجتبی عبدالحسینی در مورد چه‌گونه‌گی صدور این حکم سوال می‌کنم، وی با تاسف و نگرانی می‌گوید « به برادر من گفته بودند که بیا و در اعتراف‌های تلویزیونی شرکت کن تا حکم‌ات را کم‌تر کنیم. به او گفته بودند اگر قرار است حکم حبس داشته باشی، با این اعتراف‌های تلویزیونی خیلی زودتر از آن افرادی که اعتراف نمی‌کنند آزاد خواهی شد. به این طریق برادر مرا به تلویزیون کشیده‌اند اما جریان برعکس شده و برای او حکم اعدام صادر کرده‌اند. از ناصر سواستفاده کرده‌اند، سو استفاده‌یی که منجر به بازی کردن با زنده‌گی وی شده است.»

از وی سوال می‌کنم که در این مورد که وی قرار است این‌چنین اعترافاتی بکند خبر داشته‌اید یا خیر؟

«ما اصلا از این‌که قرار است برادرم اعتراف تلویزونی داشته باشد خبری نداشتیم و فقط وقتی بعد از دو هفته به ملاقات‌اش رفتیم، متوجه شدیم که به او گفته‌اند اعتراف کن تا زودتر آزاد شوی.» وی ادامه می‌دهد «صدایی که به عنوان زهره پخش شده که آن را در تماس تلفنی با برادر من عنوان کرده‌اند، واقعیت ندارد، این یک صدای ضبط شده است و برادر من هیچ‌گونه ارتباطی با آن شخص ندارد. چنین چیزی به هیچ وجه صحت ندارد. در صدای پخش شده از تلویزیون جمهوری اسلامی، گویا خانم زهره از برادر من می‌خواهد که آتش‌سوزی به راه بیاندازد و از کوکتل مولوتوف استفاده کند، این در حالی است که برادر من حتا نمی‌تواند کوکتل مولوتوف را تلفظ کند و در دادگاه هم اشتباه آن‌را تلفظ می‌کند. حالا برادر من چه‌گونه چنین کارهایی می‌تواند بکند.»

ناصر عبدالحسینی متهم است که در سازمان مجاهدین خلق عضویت داشته است، اما این مساله را هر دو برادر وی رد می‌کنند.

از آن‌ها در مورد چه‌گونه‌گی بازداشت وی و این‌که آیا در اعتراض‌های مدنی بعد از انتخابات حضور داشته است یا خیر سوال می‌کنم. مجتبی عبدالحسینی پاسخ می‌دهد: « دستگیری برادر من در تاریخ 5 تیرماه بود. ناصر با من کار می‌کرد و در شهرستان‌ها به کار ویزیتوری لوازم یدکی ماشین مشغول بودیم. او هیچ سابقه‌ی سیاسی ندارد و حتا تا کنون یک مورد بازداشت هم نداشته. نادر عبدالحسینی نیز می‌گوید: «زمانی‌که برادرم را بازداشت می‌کردند، هیچ‌گونه سندی در رابطه با جرمی که می‌گفتند مرتکب شده، به ما نشان ندادند و هیچ مدرکی نداشتند، از منزل ما هیچ مدرکی پیدا نکردند. برادر من حتا دیپلم هم ندارد، نه کامپیوتر دارد و نه حتا یک آدرس ایمیل، پس چه‌طور می‌توانسته به قول اینها اطلاعات را به خارج از کشور بفرستد؟ برادر من یک بچه‌ی جنوب شهری است که نه پدر و مادر و نه هیچ‌یک از افراد فامیل‌اش سیاسی نبودند.»

ناصر عبدالحسینی به اتهام شرکت در «اغتشاشات» محاکمه و سرانجام به اعدام محکوم شده است، این در حالی است که وی با توجه به شغل‌اش خارج از تهران بوده است، نادر برادر وی در مورد حضور ناصر در اعتراض‌های مدنی مردم ایران بعد از 22 خرداد می‌گوید: «عنوان شده که او در جریان‌ اعتراض‌های پس از انتخابات حضور داشته، ولی به هیچ‌عنوان این‌گونه نبود، یکی دو هفته قبل از پنج تیرماه که او را دستگیر کردند، او در شهرستان بوشهر بود و مشغول فروش قطعات یدکی ماشین. نیمه شبی که در منزل ما ریختند و او را بازداشت کردند، او تازه از سفر برگشته بود و حتا از خسته‌گی لباس‌های‌اش را هم از تن‌اش در نیاورده بود.»

دو برادر ناصر عبدالحسینی نسبت به دادگاه و امکان دفاع و نحوه‌ی دفاع وکیل تسخیری برادرشان (احمدی) اعتراض دارند؛ مجتبی در این خصوص به خبرنگار هرانا می‌گوید: «وکیل تسخیری در دادگاه هیچ‌گونه دفاعی از برادر من نکرده است. وکیل‌اش تا کنون فقط دو بار با وی تماس گرفته ولی کار خاصی برای‌اش انجام نداده است.» و نادر ادامه می‌دهد: «دفاعیه‌یی که وکیل تسخیری برادرم در دادگاه برای وی خوانده بود، متاسفانه هیچ اثری نداشته است. کیفر خواست برادر من به هیچ عنوان با واقعیت جور در نمی‌آید. برادر من حتا در حوادث پس از انتخابات هیچ شعاری هم نداده بود چون اصلا در تهران نبود تا بخواهد در تجمع‌ها شرکت کند و در بوشهر هم به دنبال فعالیت اقتصادی خودش بود و آن‌جا هم هیچ‌گونه تجمعی برپا نشده بود. حتا همین وکیل برادرم نیز فکر می‌کرد که او را به زودی آزاد می‌کنند، حتا به من گفته بودند که برای‌اش سند آماده کنم که متاسفانه هم‌اکنون حکم اعدام او صادر شده است.»

تا سه هفته‌ی پیش خانواده‌ی ناصر عبدالحسینی می‌توانستند با او ملاقات کنند، بعد از آن ملاقات فقط برای پدر و مادر وی امکان‌پذیر شده است. وی هم‌اکنون در بند 8 زندان اوین منتقل شده است. از خانواده‌ی عبدالحسینی تنها این دو برادر از حکم اعدام ناصر خبر دارند، آن‌ها هنوز توان این‌که به پدر و مادر و دیگر برادران و خواهران‌شان بگویند که چنین اتفاقی افتاده است را ندارند. پدر و مادر آن‌ها فکر می‌کنند فرزندشان به زودی به خانه بازمی‌گردد!

نادر عبدالحسینی در پایان به خبرنگار هرانا می‌گوید: «من از قوه قضاییه، اطلاعات و نهادهای حقوق‌بشری دعوت می‌کنم که بیایند و وضع زنده‌گی ما را ببینند و از نزدیک با خانواده‌ی ما آشنا بشوند. پدر من مدتی را در جبهه‌های جنگ گذرانده و پنج سال در جماران بوده و الان بازنشسته است و با حقوق بازنشسته‌گی در حال خرجی دادن به خانواده‌ام است. برادر من یک پسر ساده‌لوح است که هیچ فعالیت سیاسی تاکنون نداشته است. یکی از اتهام‌های برادر من محاربه است و برای‌اش حکم اعدام صادر شده، مگر برادر من قتل و جنایت انجام داده است که باید اعدام شود؟ مشی او در زندگی هیچ‌گونه آسیبی تاکنون به هیچکس چه به دولت و یا مردم نزده است.»

و مجتبی عبدالحسنی با صدای غم‌ناک می‌گوید: « ناصر در تماس‌های تلفنی به ما می‌گوید خدایی وجود دارد. من که کار خلافی انجام نداده‌ام، مطمئن هستم اتفاق بدی برای‌ام نمی‌افتد و به ما دل‌داری می‌دهد.» مجتبی در آخر نیز با نامیدی می‌گوید: «هیچ کسی از برادر من دفاع نمی‌کند، حتا وکیل که باید به طور مرتب پی‌گیر پرونده باشد هم هیچ کار جدی انجام نمی‌دهد. در حالی‌که برادر من بی‌گناه است. او کاری نکرده است. او را با وعده‌هایی که برای آزادی داده‌اند، وادار به اعتراف کرده‌اند و برادر ساده‌ی من نیز باور کرده و این کار را کرده است. برادر من بی‌گناه است

8. Support Iranian Movement

On Friday 12th of June Iranian people voted in the presidential elections, many with much dissatisfaction about how they were ruled for the last four years, and with high hopes for a change. Yet Iranians woke up the following day to a result which many believe to have been rigged, becoming what many are now calling a coup d’état by the Ahmadinejad’s government, against the vote of the people.

در تاریخ 22 خرداد بسیاری از مردم ایران در پی نارضایتی 4 ساله و امید برای تغییر در انتخابات ریاست جمهوری شرکت کردند، ولی صبح روز بعد از انتخابات ایرانیان با نتایجی مواجه شدند که بسیاری بر این باورند که در آن تقلب شده، و از آن تحت عنوان کودتای دولت احمدی نژاد علیه رای مردم یاد میکنند.

There have been many issues surrounding the elections which have led to these allegations of fraud, including heavy censorship, arrests and repression of the reformists and their supporters, beatings and shootings at demonstrations by government forces which have led to high numbers of causalities and a growing number of deaths.

اتفاقات بسیاری در حول وحوش مساله ی انتخابات افتاده که منجر به ادعای جعلی بودن نتایج آن شده است از جمله سانسور شدید، دستگیری و سرکوب رفرمیست ها و هوادارانشان، ضرب و شتم و گشودن آتش به روی مردم توسط نیروهای دولتی که باعث بالا رفتن تعداد کشته شدگان شده است.

The escalation of censorship of newspapers, websites, TV and radio services around the elections have contributed to the reporting of the events surrounding this event extremely difficult. Many international human rights organizations including Amnesty international, Article 19, Reporters Sans Frontier, and others have expressed their dissatisfaction with the Iranian elections and the events that have followed it since.

اعمال سانسور بر روزنامه ها، وبسایت ها، تلویزیون و رادیو هایی که به پوشش اخبار مربوط به انتخابات ایران میپرداختند به شدت افزایش یافته است. بسیاری از سازمان های بین المللی حقوق بشر از جمله سازمان عفو بین الملل، بند19، گزارشگران خط مقدم و... نارضایتی خود را در باب مساله ی انتخابات و اتفاقات پس از آن ابراز کردند

9. Support the Demands of Iranian People for a Fair Election

Please read Amnesty International Background information:

Aim of the Petition:
Asking political leaders of the free world, such as India, Japan, South Korea, South Africa, Brazil, Argentina, and Chile, to assert their concerns on the election results, condemn the extreme measures of violence by security forces in Iran, and call for a NEW election but under international supervision.

If you do NOT wish to sign this petition, you can write and send your own letter/email to these authorities, but please use a soft and diplomatic tone and avoid allegations and claims that are provocative, especially using keywords like coup would make people feel you have an agenda in mind.

Please note that your signature and other information are protected and would not be shared with anyone except in the letters that are being sent to the political leaders of aimed countries.

10. Do not Recognize Ahmadinejad

As you are well aware, Iran’s fraudulent presidential election result has undermined democracy, diminished rule of law, and destroyed the will of Iranian people who voted for change. The peaceful demonstration to demand a fair election was confronted with attacking demonstrators, arresting political activists, firing at the crowd, destroying student dormitories in major cities in Iran, and even killing a protestor to intimidate and suppress the will of the majority to change Ahmadinejad’s government.

The rigged election does not provide any legitimate basis for a government to take form. Therefore, based on the universal values all democratic nations share, we, the undersigned Canadian citizens and residents, expect the international community to decline to recognize Mr. Ahmadinejad as the president and representative of Iranians. Furthermore, we urge you to put pressure on Ayatollah Khamenei, the Supreme Leader of Iran, to accept international oversight on a re-election in order to settle this serious matter peacefully and democratically.

11. Protest against Ahmadinejad election coup in Iran - 13 june 2009

The tenth president election in Iran on June, 13th,
and the election coup, and the afterward events.

12. Coup d'état in Iran : Support Iran by avoiding congratulating the now false president of Iran

13. Protest against the June 2009 coup d'état in Iran

The 2009 Iranian presidential election was held on 12 June 2009 in Iran, the tenth presidential election to be held in the country. The incumbent was Mahmoud Ahmadinejad.

The Iranian reform movement attempted to unite behind former Prime Minister Mir-Hossein Mousavi. The turnout was very high with around 85 percent of the electorate voting. Unofficial results from within the interim ministry report Mousavi the absolute winner with 54% of the votes with Mehdi Karoubi and Ahmadinejad with 31% and 13% ranked after Mousavi.

In total denial of Iranian people's choice, the Islamic Republic's officials announced Ahmadinejad to be the winner and Iranians are repressed by military forces.