Freedom for Kareem Amer

Abdel Karim Nabil Suleiman (known as "Kareem Amer") sentenced and imprisoned for a term of four years in the February 22, 2007 on charges of "incitement to hate Islam" and insulting Egyptian President codes.

In this framework, the organization announced Reporters Without Borders:
"We consider this provision shameful. The investigation with Kareem Amer was a serious abuses of a public prosecutor representing the presence of three agents from the Attorney General illegal side of the official investigator, who mock Karim Amer during interrogation, and threatened and ridicule because of his views that hold , As well as the questions are illegal and reflect the tendency of public prosecution away from the law, such as "Do you fast? Does lying?" Which made the investigation with Kareem Amer far cry from the impartiality and transparency, so that an inspection in the conscience rather than with legal Writer reflects on his ideas.

It was Karim Amer lawyers had informed the incident of Amer`s torture in prison by one of the prisoners and a guard amber, and ordered police officers from one prison officer is "Medhat Samir", following the detection of Karim Amer reality of corruption in prison, was punished and punished severely torture, Resulting in one of his teeth broken and many of the injuries he suffered, as well as the denial of reported against the officer Medhat Samir, as well as deprivation of proving those injuries in a medical report.

The Arab Network and Hisham Mubarak Center for Law in their communiqué of the Attorney General that the attack on Kareem Amer : "Abdelkarim Nabil Suleiman" has been tortured at his "cell 22" by prisoners and one guard in the presence and under the supervision of the officer Medhat Samir and ordered him, thus breaking one of his teeth "Tusk from the left upper jaw," and numerous abrasions and bruises all over Sporadic his body.

Was then transferred to a cell of discipline, and there was handcuffed hands and feet from the back, then beat him again, resulting in further injuries.

Then they brought another prisoner and stripped of his clothes completely, and beat him in front of the prisoner Abdel Karim Suleiman, and the threat that they get the same punishment if he does not mean interfering with again.

Save Kareem Amer from tourture and bring justice to those involved in his torture.

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