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Demien Development Incorporated and Gittemeir Homes Incorporated are not meeting their obligation to the Forest Lake at Bear Creek homeowners on several issues and it is negatively impacting our property values.

The entry monuments and signage have not been erected as promised, there is a chain link fence at the entrance to the development which is in direct violoation of the Master Declaration of Covenants and Restrictions of Bear Creek Estates("Covenants and Restrictions") Section B Item 2, the cart path connecting Oak Creek Drive to the existing cart path on the golf course has not been installed, and the empty lots and common areas are not being maintained properly as per Item 11 in Section B of the Covenants and Restrictions.

We, the undersigned, as homeowners in the Forest Lake at Bear Creek community, call on the Bear Creek Estates Homeowners Association, LLC Board of Trustees to take responsibility and require the owners of Demien Development Company and Gittemeir Homes Incorporated to:
1. Complete the construction of the monunments and signage on both sides of Elm Creek Drive at the entrance to the development;
2. Replace the chain link fence at the entrance to the development with wrought iron;
3. Extend the existing cart path from the golf course to Oak Creek Drive;
4. Properly maintain the common areas and undeveloped lots in the development.

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