#Local Government
Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar

The GPSW & PA was formed over 6 years ago by a group of pensioners who do not benefit from an occupational (workplace) pension and desperately struggle to make ends meet, with their Old Age (State) pension as their only means of financial support.

It is lobbying to Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar to establish a minimum income for resident pensioners, in order to afford them a dignified standard of living.

It is also looking to the future to protect today's workers by lobbying for the implementation of legislation, to make workplace (occupational) pensions compulsory.

We the undersigned call on Her Majesty's Government of Gibraltar to:

1. Implement their election manifesto commitment of 2011 & 2015 and fulfil their promise made to the association on April 2016, to provide resident low income pensioners, with extra financial assistance.

2. Introduce legislation which will make occupational (workplace) pensions in the private sector compulsory.

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